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typical questions

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1.What if I find damaged parts after delivery?

Some damaged parts may be found at the time of installation as each part is attached to the system. If a damaged part is discovered during installation, 

contact your representative as soon as possible. Keep the packaging and paperwork for that item until the issue is resolved.

2. How much do your playgrounds cost?

Playground pricing depends on many factors including the size of your space and the specific products you choose. We can design a playground for almost 

any budget. If cost is an issue, it is a good idea to look at freestanding items to add play value at less cost than a full play system.

3.How do your playground’s designs promote safety?

All of our individual products are designed with the children who will use them in mind. All products are TUV certified in compliance to ASTM and EN71 standards.

We also strive to meet CPSC and CSA standards for product design and safety. As they design your structure, our playground experts look at such things as height 

of the playground components, required use zones, and pathways that encourage a good flow of traffic within the play space to eliminate unnecessary hazards.

For Pokiddo Playground Franchisers , we have extra special employee safety training system to support our Pokiddo Playground Franchisers to prevent the potential 

risks in commercial playground.  

4.I have a challenging site. Can I build a playground?

Yes! Our design experts can take your site-specific measurements and develop a plan to maximize the play space in your area and in your budget.

5.Do you offer installation?

Yes, we have certified installers that have been trained on how to install our products. If you want our installation service , please book in advance. Ask your local

recreation consultant for more information.

6.What if I have more than one age range of children to consider?

Using specific component choices, playgrounds can often be designed to meet both age groups.

7.What is a non-standard playground or a free standing component?

A non-standard playground or a freestanding component is any play event that is not attached to a standard “post and platform” structure, which usually 

don’t have many moulded plastic items, instead , it may contains a lot of free style parts made of wood , PE board , stainless steel, fiber glass , Compact Laminate , etc

8.Can you help with maintenance?

We have a dedicated Customer Service department that will help you find and order any replacement parts needed, whether you are still under warranty or not.

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