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  • Bettaplay Giant connect four California prop 65 test report

  • How to install Bettaplay outdoor playground for kindergartens or daycare centers?

    1. Confirm the location of the area size first. The area size must be larger than the place needed for the outdoor playground. 

    2. All products are classified according to the color of the package tape, please don't confuse different parts, the color of the different product tapes is different , and shipping marks are different either.

    How to install outdoor playground-package with different tapesHow to install outdoor playground-products package details

    3.When you start installation, please make sure you should build a largest part of the project first, for example in the following project , which has 2 parts , the part of the school bus and bus STATION part. So you are suggested to first build the part of the school bus, which is larger.  
    4.  How to install them now ?
    5. Step by step :
    The platform and column should be installed according to the following diagram.

    How to install outdoor playground-installation guid

    1st  Please install the pillars according to the design.
    In this case can install D1-D2-D3-D4 then continue the rest.
    2nd  Install the platform, it need at least two people to coordinate .
    3rd After the frame is installed, please install the PE boards to the frame.
    When you install, please notice the following:
    1st Where the foot plate is needed, first place the foot plate to the pillars, then install the platforms. 

    How to install outdoor playground-installation in bettaplay workshopHow to install outdoor playground-installation the pillars

    The labeling of the platform and the pillar is the same. For example, the position on the platform marked T1 match the pillars marked T1  where they are connected.

    How to install outdoor playground-installation for the PE board
    How to install outdoor playground-installation half done
    How to install outdoor playground-installation design
    How to install outdoor playground-review from our dear customer

  • Whether the products meet Our national standards?

    Q:Whether the products meet Our national standards?

    A:Bettaplay Playground sells the playground equipment all over the world. Our products are strictly manufactured according to the quality standards of European and American markets. We confirm our raw materials are certified by ASTM,TUV and CE. But if some other new standards in certain country, the buyer has responsibility to inform the seller to follow before purchase.

    Q;What warranty and maintenance Bettaplay Playground and kids zone supply?

    A:Different Product has different warranties and maintenance method.
    Please use and maintain the product according to our instructions and Manuel  

  • What service does Bettaplay offer?

    Q: What service does Bettaplay offer?
    Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !
                       -----We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial                                        
                                  playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.

    Bettaplay have excellent sales team to provide you the pre-sale and after-sale service in 24hours.


    Bettaplay have professional designer team to provide you the customized design.
    Bettaplay have experienced installation team to help you install the equipment.
    Choose Bettaplay, is to choose time and money, is to choose rest-assurance.

Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price 




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