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  • Why need use ball pit wash machine to wash your balls in your ball pit ?

    图片1Ocean ball cleaning machine, suitable for the park with larger ball pool and more balls.Effective prevention of infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth, flu, etc., killing enterovirus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, flocculent sputum and other bacteria within 10 seconds, giving the park a sterile environment. Let parents feel more at ease. 10,000 balls can be washed per hour.Using 360° ultra-soft brush, in the water with special disinfectant, each part of the sphere is brushed in place, and then through the multi-layer filter mesh filtration of water, into the air drying stage, with cotton cloth wipe out, really achieve the ball sterilization cleaning air drying effect.
    How to use ball pit wash machine to wash your balls in your ball pit ?
    Before starting to clean the sea-ball,we first turn the ball washing machine to the cleaning area. 图片2_副本
    The four universal wheels are directed to brake and the machine is fixed in the designated area to prevent the machine from moving.

    Close the valves at the bottom of the main box and of the filter tank.
    Install the air duct for sucking the ball.Connect the duct with the turbine for sucking the ball through the clamp.
    Install the air-drying cloth bucket.Connect the waterproof section of the cloth bucket with the air-drying turbine outlet for the ball by using the stainless steel.The clamp must be fixed on the rubber ring at the fan outlet to prevent the water from overflowing.
    In order to prevent the sea-ball from clogging,he installed air-drying cloth bucket needs to be stretched straight,and cannot be bent or twisted.
    the water injection pipe is inserted into the main tank to star water injection.When the water level reaches the water level line,the water injection is stopped.
    During the washing process,it is recommended to replenish the water level every 2 hours.(A little water will be carried into the filter tank by the ball when washing the ball which causes the main box to be dehydrated)
    Pour in the disinfectant:pour 200-250ml of the special disinfectant into the main box.
    Turn on the ball washing machine.When everything is ready,turn on the buttons of sucking the ball,washing the ball and spitting the ball in turn.The machine will start running normally.
    High-end machine,turn on the smart button,The machine will start running normally.
    When the operator holds the suction duct to suck the ball,the sea-ball should be inhaled in an orderly manner to prevent the intermittent.Stop and cut off,quick or slow operation and prevent the air duct to be locked.
    If there is a malfunction during the operation of the machine,Please remove the suction tube to prevent the ocean ball from entering the suction fan,then press the emergency stop button.(High-end machine)
    Then standard version will pick up the suction tube first,then turn off the suction ball”button
    After the ball is washed,remove the ball-washing air duct and the air-drying cloth bucket
    and push the machine into the water discharge area.open the drain valve at the bottom of the main box to drain the sewage
    Open the bottom of the water filter section and drain the accumulated water.
    Loosen the four rubber locks
     lift the top cover of the machine and set aside
     Take out the stainless steel ball out of the board set aside.
     Flush the residual dirt inside the machine with clean water,and finally discharge all the sewage.
     Wipe the water stains inside the chassis with a towel
     Put the stainless steel ball plate in place,reattach the top cover of the ball washing machine and secure it with a lock.
    Return the machine to its original,position for next use.

  • Indoor playground for kids installation-B

     7. The way of the cable bridge is to cut the iron chain, first put a special screw on one end and fix it. Fix the other end in the same way.
    8.Start with the custom product on both sides, place it on the pulled chain, and tighten the product with a washer and nut at the bottom. The middle size must be the same size.
    8. EXCEPT THE platformS, all products should BE fixed to the frame before our pulling the safety net.
    How to do the safety net ?? BEAUTIFULLY  ?
    1.Before pulling the net, open the whole reel and pull it into the same length. Cut it off from the middle with a knife for the net.
    2. The net must be pulled from the side against the wall and from the periphery of the column to the other side. Fix from one corner above, after the upper corner is fixed, use the rope to wrap the net all the way to the other corner, preferably after the other corner, and then return to the edge of the column, and directly to the desired pull The bottom of the net. 
    The bottom must be fixed tightly by pulling the knot. When pulling the bottom edge net, it is very difficult. After the bottom corner is tightened, the protective net should be tightened and fixed every two meters below the fixed net on the top, so that the net pull is not It’s not beautiful after it’s down or pulled.
    The bottom pull net requires that each tie must have a knot between every three MESHES
    4. After pulling all the nets, start packing the protective cover.
    Put a protective cover on the middle of the seam with a knife, some products are directly open, be careful not to open or draw your hand.(wear gloves please to protect your hands )
    Place the sleeve in the packaged position and use the blade to remove the portion to be removed.
    The inner wall of the crossed portion should be thinned so that it is beautifully decorated. When sculling, make sure that the connectors and tubes are not exposed after wrapping.
    The size of the different parts is not the same.
    Tighten the set of hoses with a special cable tie. The iron pipes should not be exposed to the outside, affecting safety and aesthetics. Each fastener must have a tie on the top and bottom, and the cable tie should not be too tight.
    The connection method of the connecting rod is also the same, except that the way of opening in different places is different. The net head of the net must be wrapped inside, can not be exposed, affecting safety and beauty.
    After the tie is done, the excess tie must be cut with a knife to prevent it from getting tied to the child. After all safety is completed, the plastic cap must be covered with a special lid to ensure safety.
    Summary: The overall process of the indoor playground for kids installation
    1. Install the galvanized pipe frame first. After the frame is installed, the whole project will be half completed.
    2. First assemble the indoor playground for kids products that can be used up and down.
    3.Install the plastic products and wooden products and other indoor playground for kids accessories
    4, Weaving and tightening the indoor playground Safety NET
    5, placing the platforms
    6. Packing protective PVC foam tube
    7. Clean up the garbage on the site, keep the site clean and clean, and take photos of your projects.
    What should we pay attention to during the installation process?
    Indoor playground for kids floor mats for children's playgrounds, floor mats can be installed first or after installation of the project , or at the same time, the children's park staff can do the cleaning work, and there will be a plastic foot at the lower end of the steel pipe. The role is to fix the steel pipe. A lot of tools are needed in the amusement equipment, such as cutters and blades, large-sized cutters (cut steel pipes), pliers, wrenches, gloves, power supplies, power boxes, electric drills and drill bits. The circuit setting of the indoor playground for kids, arrange the power supply position in advance, let the electrician pull the line, the electric box is installed, for safety, such as the dark line to use the softened iron pipe, the open line to use the steel pipe.
    To set up the shelf, be sure to pay attention to the position of the shelf next to the edge to ensure alignment. Check that each connector is secure.
    Indoor playground cable ties - The straps must be facing the bottom, the upper part or the child as far as possible.  Or if possible make the tie is hidden inside.
    About the indoor playground for kids tube joints - also as far as possible up or away from the children can touch, because the child's hands are particularly busy.
    Please note that the tube cutting process also requires attention, basically does not expose the steel pipe to the outside, and the workmanship is fine.

  • Indoor playground for kids installation-A

    The video will be sent by whatsapp/WECHAT to you . Please feel free to contact us freely if you have any questions, my whatsapp is 0086 189 6899 6888
     Indoor playground for kids installation  
    How to install indoor playground for kids ?
    The indoor playground for kids is a comprehensive child playground equipment. The necessary components include fasteners for linked steel pipes, such as three links, five links, etc. Steel pipes are also the mainstay of the overall frame. It is mainly used to fix the corresponding equipment in the middle of the shelf. The connecting pipe is generally made of seamless steel pipe. The steel pipe generally needs to be cut to different lengths according to the needs of the site, but bettaplay can cut the steel pipe according to the requirements and design of the customer, install it and mark it, then package them and transport them to customer’s area to be reinstalled.
    Frame installation
    The installation site is installed on the connecting pipe at the appropriate position on the connecting pipe, and the screws are tightened with tools.
    However, the guest's simple frame of 2-3 floors has been completely installed in the factory, so the fasteners have been installed on it, and the fasteners do not need to be removed. If it is a large frame with more than 3 layers, it is recommended that customers can order our installers to install in advance, so that the installed products are definitely safer and more refined and save you a lot of time.
    How to install if you want totally install by yourself ?

    First you need know the following parts of the indoor playground frame parts.
    1. Catchers of different direction quantities
    2.  Vertica
    l Posts with catchers
    3. The pipes to connect different upright posts in frame ,of same length 118cm
    4. 图片4
    5. A person shall stand up by a column on the corner of the wall according to the drawing, put it in the right position, put the steel pipe column into the link piece according to the drawing, and put the fixed foot plate on the lower side.

    6. According to the requirements of the drawings, pick up another column, put the connecting tube into it,  let connecting tube contact the column tube, and tighten the screw with the tool.
    For safety, the upper connector should also be fixed slightly.
    Then insert the connecting tube and tighten the fixing screws.
    According to the drawings, insert different link parts on different columns. You can also put the foot plate first and tighten all the connection fasteners.
    7. Stand up the column, dock with the connecting pipe, and tighten the screws.
    With the guide of the catchers , you can install the frame gradually.
    When connecting, it is required to go from 1st layer to 2nd layers, then to 3rd layers, and finally to the top, the procedure is the same.
    PART 2 Installation of indoor playground accessories

    1, Put the hole-opened accessory product into the standard connecting pipe, and put it into the connecting piece with the bottom as the standard. After it is in place, tighten the fixing screw and finish the whole process.
    2, The same way of fixing the same products.
    3.Lift the required product to the position marked on the drawing, fit it into the reserved connector, and tighten the fixing screw.
    Raise the support tube that prevents the product from deforming to a reasonable position, and then tighten the set screw.
    4.Drill the product with a drill bit according to the standard screw type, and insert a special screw from the hole, add a plastic cap, add a gasket, put the screw on it, and tighten with a tool.(Especially for netting part and plastic parts need to be connected by the screws)
     5. Lift the assembled product to the position marked on the drawing.
    The screws in the fixed parts of different products are different. The fixed product is punched with a pistol drill, the special screws are put in from the inner wall, and the cap is capped. The washers are tightened with tools.
    6. Products that do not need to be assembled can be directly lifted to the position marked on the drawing. The distance between the four sides is determined by the ruler, and the spacing must be the same. The electric drill is used to punch the hole from the inner wall of the product to the bottom.
    The special flat-head screw is inserted, and the product is fixed on the connecting rod with a gasket and a nut at the bottom, and the large-sized plastic products are installed in the same manner.
  • FAQ about quality and assemble

    12. How to assemble playground equipment?
    If you need our installation service . We will send our professional engineers and  if  you needs to install by yourself  we will send you indoor playground equipment detailed instructions. Therefore, for the safety of your indoor playground, we suggest professional engineers assemble indoor play area equipment.微信图片_20180829103621
    13. What to do if there is the quality problem of equipment?
    During guarantee time, we will provide after-sales service. In addition, we will send additional news accessories for future use, and we will send new parts in earliest time for your broken parts.
    14. Can we visit your factory?
    Yes, sure. You are warmly welcome to visit our factory, and we will show raw material, production line, and showroom, and so on微信图片_20180829103625
  • FAQ about profit

    9. What will do, if the playground is not attractive after a long time?
    Therefore, When choosing indoor play area equipment, investors will consider covering different age group not one fix age group.
    Standing from children sight, investors select popular and safe games.
    Without affecting current business, investors can add some new games to attract children.
    10. How to make more profit?
    In general, to running indoor playground, there are a lot of aspects to consider, like opening promotion, sanitary management, promotion activities, free gift and sales of membership card, etc. All of these will leave the good impression on the customer and enhance popularity. Besides, we need to do better on some details, like caring children, good communication with parents.
    11. How will long time take to recover cost and make the profit?
    Every market is different, so precalculation for the budget can better know time period of cost recovery. In general, there are three factors influence this time period: total investment, market position and operating.
  • FAQ about cleaning work for the big playground

     Is it necessary to employ staff?
    The number of staff is decided by area size and the number of items.
    Small indoor playground needs caring and responsible 1-2 staff; but for big size playground, it needs more staff for security, reception, sanitary management, and membership card sales.
    How to do cleaning work for the big playground?
    It is necessary to do cleaning and disinfection work every day. If you have a giant ball pit more than 100 sqm , then you d better also have a ball wash machine. For Pokiddo which is 1200 sqm we have 1 cleaner to keep clean everyday, and every work has to clean and tidy up the kids zone before Pokiddo kids zone opening and after Pokiddo kids zone closed. 
    What equipments should be put in the children indoor playground?
    Now, the most popular games are the crazy slide, soft play, million balls ball pool, rope course, climbing wall, etc. In general, investors need to consider area size, general budget, planning before choosing indoor playground equipment. Some people think what are popular games, then I will choose them; not all new games are suitable for your own place. If it can not attract more children to play, it is a waste of money. Before purchasing, investors firstly consider about quality; then they need to think from the view of children and choose popular games among children.Betta play company will provide professional suggestion based on your indoor playground project.

  • FAQ about select a credible supplier of indoor playground equipment

    How to select a credible supplier of indoor playground equipment?
    There are so many suppliers in the market and quality is also a big difference. Therefore, investors must be cautious about suppliers.
    First, to see if they have exported to your country .
    Second is to see if the quality is credible; check their reviews from other customers.
    Third is to see if they have after-sales service.
    Fourth is to see if they have their own playground. Because if they have their own playground , they will focus more on safety and can always have the customer and users perspective at the same time.
    Betta play will provide quality products, intimate service, professional suggestion.

  • FAQ about select a site for the children indoor playground

    3. How to select a site for the children indoor playground?
    It is usually in the shopping mall, department store, supermarket , resorts hotel and residential area. Therefore, investors are inclined to the former two sites. The main reason is great population, high profile and mature peripheral business circle; besides, the customers have high consumption ability and will spend more money on children.
    4. What size is suitable for opening one indoor playground?
    There is not a standard size for the indoor playground, it can be just 50 square meters or more than one thousand square meter area size. In short, it depends on your local consumption level, budget, site, and other comprehensive factors.
  • FAQ about process of opening an indoor playground

    1. What is the process of opening an indoor playground?
    In short, the following steps:
    Indoor playground market research
    Find suitable site
    Choose credible factory, design, production
    Shipment, installation, opening
    2. How is the prospect of the children indoor play area equipment? is it worth investing?
    With the rapid development of urbanization, the playground is definitely the best choice for children. So, safe indoor play area equipment, clean 
  • FAQ About Customized Design

    1. If I want customized design, what should I provide?
    We need your exact location size and you’d better provide CAD drawing in DWG format.
    2. How to install the trampoline park? Do you  provide installation service?
    We will provide you professional detailed installation drawings for your reference. Besides, our professional installation team can also provide you installation serive.
    3. How long does the equpiment generally take from design to installation?
    Generally it will take 1-2 months.
    Area less than 200sqm: 15-20days;
    200-1000sqm: 25-30days;
    Above 1000sqm: please confirm delivery time with us.
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