How to check and maintain the jungle adventure?
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How to check and maintain the jungle adventure?

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How to check and maintain the jungle adventure?

Jungle adventure is an adventure project carried out on the tree, an outdoor sports project integrating adventure, sports, entertainment and challenges. It uses a variety of obstacle links to connect the trees into a line. Players need to explore among the trees through suspended bridges, nets, trails, wooden barrels, Taishan swings, ropeways and other interesting links. Slide, swim, straddle, jump, fly and other actions to cross all obstacles and reach the end. In the whole exercise, the elements necessary for outdoor adventures such as high altitude, speed, strength and perseverance are brought together to provide participants with sensory stimulation.


The design and operation of Jungle Adventure is based on the outdoor natural ecological environment and uses natural trees as the carrier to build a sports experience facility. In recent years, the sports facilities industry has developed rapidly with the continuous growth of the cultural and tourism industry. The major woodlands in various scenic spots have been effectively used. In order to seize the high-quality market, the quality of the adventure equipment put on the market by equipment suppliers is uneven. Risk uncertainty. In order to make quick profits, the owner does not pay attention to the daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment during the use and operation of the equipment. In order to avoid the occurrence of safety incidents, the inspection and maintenance of the facilities should be reasonably arranged.

1. Inspection of jungle expedition equipment

1. The jungle expedition operator shall check by himself:

If you are running an adventure park, the best practice is to conduct inspections to ensure that the equipment remains in safe and reliable operating condition, arrange for your own employees to conduct regular internal inspections, and form a (daily, weekly, monthly, annual) system.


2. Invite professional jungle expedition manufacturers to check

Execution standard: Construction techniques and materials guaranteed to comply with the latest European ropes course standard: EN 15567 part 1. Operational and safety documentation according to EN15567: Part 2.


2. Maintenance and maintenance of jungle expedition equipment

Regular maintenance of your rope course ensures smooth, safe operation and extends the life of your jungle zip line, completing minor maintenance tasks or replacing complete components. Any parts you need can be sourced or ordered from Pocket House Adventure Tech. All work complies with EN 15567 Parts 1 and 2.


Bark spilled, structure loosened


Cable replacement, adjustment


Structural reinforcement, replacement of ground anchors

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