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How to start an adventure park B

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How to start an adventure park ?

3. Safety is the foundation, how do our safety protection measures work?

After talking about our advantages, let's talk about the issue that everyone is very concerned about - security issues

We will also give you a few points to introduce in detail how we consider security issues.


1. Safety and security - tree life safety


Because our paradise is built on trees, we take care of trees very seriously. Trees are one of the most important elements of a treetop adventure park, so the health of the tree and its endurance are very critical. We will invite a third-party, a very professional organization to analyze all the trees in the entire project site one by one to judge the health of the trees and the degree of stress of the tree through the tree diameter at breast height.

2. Safety and security - jungle crossing material accessories


The second security guarantee is the materials we use. First of all, let’s talk about the wood we use. The wood we use is all cedar imported from northern Europe. Its characteristic is that it is not particularly heavy but its strength is very good, and we all do a preservative process, so it will be used outdoors for ten or fifteen years. No big problem.

The second particularly important material is our wire rope. In our jungle adventure project, we will use three kinds of wire ropes. The first one is for ziplines, which are called high-strength swaged noise-reducing wire ropes. It has two very big features. The first is that it is very heavy, twice as heavy as other types of wire ropes of the same specification. It presses the wire rope very tightly through forging; the second feature is that through forging, its strength is very high, and a very important feature is that it has a noise reduction effect during use. There is also a kind of wire rope used for lifeline protection system. The characteristic of this kind of wire rope is that it is difficult to twist and deform, and it is impossible for our pulley to detach from the wire rope. This is also a wire rope of a special material that we customize. The third type of wire rope is used to connect various functional levels, and the strength and hardness of the ordinary wire rope reach the standard.

As well as our connectors, most of them are made of stainless steel, and the load-bearing test has passed the strict EU test.

3. Security - Jungle Crossing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The third security guarantee we want to talk about is our set of PPE. The full name of PPE is Personal Protection Equipment, which is personal protection equipment. This is the core equipment of our entire jungle crossing expedition, and it is our soul product. This set has a double pulley structure, which is very user-friendly for both children and adults. It guarantees a very good smooth experience for the visitor as it passes through the connected part above. In addition to the PPE product itself, a very important point in our design is that when you step into the jungle to explore, our pulley will start to protect. During the game, it is impossible for the player to break away from the wire rope, and it is impossible to untie it. safety gear. When the whole game is over, we will not let the player escape from this safety protection. It must be released when the player reaches the ground after the game is over. This can greatly avoid some risks caused by human error. That's what we bring to the player's security through PPE and our design.


The first picture is for children; the second is for overweight adults, with a strap for whole body protection; for ordinary adults, the third set is fine. The following two sets, one is the rescue kit, and the other is the equipment of the rescuers. Here we will give you an introduction through video.

4. Security - third-party detection of jungle crossing


Because our jungle trekking adventure park is from Europe, we will strictly follow the standard of their high-altitude adventure - EN15567-1/2. We will also invite TUV in Germany to test the equipment of the entire park before the park opens. It can also be added here that EN15567 was also drafted by the CEO of our French altus company.

5. Safety and security - jungle crossing operations


Our operations team in security is also very important. We have a daily inspection, and every morning our operational members will walk on these four lines to do the inspection of each connection point, as well as the pulley passability inspection. Our daily inspections will be recorded in forms, and photos will be taken at each inspection point. We also have weekly records where we feel our safety gear PPE needs to be checked on a weekly basis. On a regular basis (basically on a quarterly basis), we will have professional engineers enter our site to conduct a maintenance inspection of the entire project equipment.

6. Safety guarantee - safety rescue


The last bit of security is safety rescue. This is also a unique approach in our koala bush safety system. Safety rescue is divided into high-altitude rescue and zipline rescue in the adventure park.

High-altitude rescue is when the player walks to a relatively high project. As mentioned above, when you have not started the project, you can do some reasonable detours. But when you reach the middle of the level, you dare not play or you are too physically weak to move forward. At this time, our professional coaches or rescuers will do a high-altitude rescue.


Another type of rescue is zipline rescue. Our super-long zip line will be hundreds of meters, and there must be a drop in the middle during the sliding process. When some players slide to the end, he may not stand still or pull the pull rope of the end, he may fall back, and then he will hang high in the air. If the zipline was on the ground, the rescue would be relatively simple. If it is on the lake, then this requires professional coaches to rescue. How to express in words here is not as clear as the video, so we use the video to show you our two rescue methods.

Let's take a look at the old jungle expansion rescue method first. They used ladders and C-shaped buckles at the time. The coach completely disengaged the safety equipment, and the player was completely free from any protection. Only the coach pulled him down the ladder. We can see that the rescued children looked panicked after they came down.

Our altus solution is like this. kids said that I needed rescue. The coaches walked to his side, fastened his seat belt, and gradually lowered him to the ground through climbing ropes. There will be staff on the ground to meet him. The second is when the zipline slips to the middle and he can't drive (ps: The staff also briefly explained that the safety suit and the pulley cannot be undone during the rescue demonstration, which is very safe, waiting for the rescuers to come. ), the rescuers come to pass the safety buckle, buckle the player, and then pull the player to the end step by step.

These are the rescues of our rescuers. Of course, our rescuers will also take the professional vocational qualification certification and work with certificates.

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