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Pokiddo Trampoline Park Design, Manufacturing, and Installation Services

Pokiddo is a leading provider of trampoline park design, manufacturing, and installation services. We offer a wide range of services, including custom trampoline park design, high-quality trampoline park equipment manufacturing, and professional trampoline park installation. We have helped hundreds of customers around the world build successful trampoline parks, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and support
Pokiddo employs professional designers and engineers who consult with customers around the world to ideate, design and refine visitor-pleasing and money-making trampoline parks that are shaping the future of amusement industry.


1. The Parks should always be designed from the operator’s view.
2. Should take the need of low operating expenses into consideration.
3. Pokiddo as a franchise brand has the experience of operating parks.


1. Pokiddo offers customized design proposal from 2D to 3D plan.
2. Location and target customer analysis to define your park design.
3. Our Design maximizes the use of every inch of your building space.


1. Pokiddo has professional designers to offer interior design service.
2. Interior design for decoration to build a high-end trampoline park.
3. Impressive interior design leaves good impression on park visitors.
    CAD Layout Design Proposal POKIDDO

    CAD Layout Design Proposal

    Before offering three-dimensional trampoline park design, we will work out the CAD layout plan proposal for client first. The CAD layout plan would offer a clear idea about the distribution of all the park attractions and facilities, the utilization rate of the space, the visitor route plan and more.

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    3D Design Proposal Rendering POKIDDO

    3D Design Proposal Rendering

    Once the CAD layout is confirmed, we’ve made a big step in the design process. 3D design proposal is like turning a sketch into a colorful painting. The designers will keep your theme requirements and preferences in their mind and try their best to create a fantastic trampoline park design.

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    3D Walkthrough Proposal Video POKIDDO

    3D Walkthrough Proposal Video

    The 3D walkthrough video is like an upgraded version of design proposal presentation for client. It makes you feel like you are walking through the whole park and enjoy a vivid and immersive experience. And it can be a good introduction resource for marketing before the grand opening of the park.

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    Engineering Drawings Rendering POKIDDO

    Engineering Drawings Rendering

    Before getting into the procedure of manufacturing, our engineers will work on rendering engineering drawings, which would not only serve as documents for production team to ensure accurate manufacturing, but also as a comprehensive set of plans or manuals for you to do the installation.

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Pokiddo, based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, is a manufacturer of indoor trampoline and adventure park . We have our own factory with professional workers and production building with high-end manufacturing facilities.


1. The Pokiddo CEO has been in the amusement industry for 20+ years.
2. Professional workers with an average of 5 years experience in production.
3. The experience of producing 800+ park projects domestic and abroad.


1. Factory buildings with the total space of 28,000 sqm2 for production.
2. High-end automatic machines to ensure correctness and efficiency.
3. The monthly production capacity could reach 10,000 sqm2 parks.


1. Procurement department to evaluate and quality control the materials.
2. Well-selected materials to meet the related safety standards or tests.
3. Keep searching for the best materials for the products quality upgrade.
    Metal Parts Treatment POKIDDO

    Metal Parts Treatment

    We use galvanized steel pipes for the structure of trampoline park and indoor playgrounds. The general metal parts treatment process includes pipes cutting, hole punching, carbon dioxide protection welding, polishing to ensure smooth surface, sand blasting and color powder coating to prevent rust.

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    Rotational Moulding POKIDDO

    Rotational Moulding

    Rotational moulding is a process of creating plastic parts in different shapes. Molds are first filled with small plastic pellets. The mould is then heated and rotated, using centrifugal force to coat the inner walls of the molds with plastic. In order to maintain even thickness throughout the part, the mold continues to rotate at all times during the heating phase and to avoid sagging or deformation also during the cooling phase.

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    Soft Pads Treatment POKIDDO

    Soft Pads Treatment

    The materials for soft pads include plywood boards, PVC, EPE or foam and more. Soft pads, mainly used in indoor playgrounds, can be transformed into different shapes to create a paradise of imagination. We have professional workers experienced in carpentry, PVC sewing and related treatments.

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    Trampoline Mats Sewing POKIDDO

    Trampoline Mats Sewing

    Pokiddo employs experienced sewing workers to ensure the correct size and durability of the trampoline mats. We use high strength PP mesh for the mats and all mats are sewed according to drawings by engineer.

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We will send our installation team to guide and take care of the installation. The installation period depends on the facility size and the installation team, and we will do our best to meet your timetable for your grand opening.


1. Pokiddo installation team consists of 50+ professional engineers.
2. Engineers with years of experience have installed projects worldwide.
3. Engineers are capable of dealing with problems at installation site.


1. Pokiddo engineer team offers professional drawing for installation.
2. The drawings make it possible for clients to install on their own.
3. The drawings will help improve the efficiency of park installation.


1. Aftersales team to keep following up with the installation progress.
2. Aftersales negotiate with engineers to solve installation problems.
3. Keep following up with client and offer maintenance advice.
    Construction and Installation of Wenzhou Pokiddo POKIDDO

    Construction and Installation of Wenzhou Pokiddo

    Pokiddo Wenzhou is where our story started, it is our first Pokiddo park. In the video you will see the construction of the park, turning it from a rough space into a beautiful play paradise for children, like dreams coming true.

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    Installation Progress of Hangzhou Pokiddo POKIDDO

    Installation Progress of Hangzhou Pokiddo

    This is a Pokiddo franchise trampoline park located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. We spent three month on the project from design, manufacturing, installation to operation training and it took our engineer team around one month to finish the installation.

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    Finished Installation of Hangzhou Pokiddo POKIDDO

    Finished Installation of Hangzhou Pokiddo

    The Pokiddo in Bingjiang District is a 5000sqm2 large trampoline and adventure amusement park in Hangzhou. The large venue venue+high quality equipment+luxurious interior design makes it the most popular trampoline park in Hangzhou, a great choice for friends gathering, birthday party and team-building.

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    Installation of Ropes Course at AAA Exhibition POKIDDO

    Installation of Ropes Course at AAA Exhibition

    Pokiddo is working with Altus France to bring the high-end adventure ropes course and exhibit the sample set at the AAA Exhibition in Guangzhou. It took our whole team two days to finish the small set of ropes course for clients to experience.

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Pokiddo as a franchise brand has the experience of running trampoline park, which enables us to offer operation training or consulting service for clients on how to operate a successful trampoline park business.


1. Pokiddo built its own flagship park and run the park since 2018.
2. Franchise parks share experience on trampoline park operation.
3. We love to share our experience with clients to build successful business.


1. Professional park training expert to train staff for park business.
2. On-site training service to get staff ready for grand opening.
3. Coach training, safety training, event planning training, and more.


1. Self-developed management system to ensure efficient park business.
2. Multi functions includes tickets & membership management, data report.
3. Provide ancillary facilities connected to system, like swing turnstile, locker.
    Birthday Park in Pokiddo Trampoline Park POKIDDO

    Birthday Park in Pokiddo Trampoline Park

    Trampoline park is becoming a new trend for throwing birthday parties for children, as parents are looking for a safe fun place where children can enjoy a unforgettable happy birthday with friends and families. If you’re running a trampoline park, birthday party is a must-do program for a successful business.

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    A Glow Party in Wenzhou Pokiddo POKIDDO

    A Glow Party in Wenzhou Pokiddo

    Wear white or neon colored outfits to really stand out! Whether you are dancing, jumping, or just enjoying a night out with friends. If you're in a country with party culture, the glow party would be a brilliant event idea for your trampoline park.

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    Team Building in Pokiddo Sports Center POKIDDO

    Team Building in Pokiddo Sports Center

    Traditional office meetings aren’t exactly everyone’s idea of a fun time. Trampoline Park would be a brilliant idea for team-building. The whole office spend a day at the park to enjoy various fun attractions, what a good memory it would be! If you're a park owner, include team-building events in your program.

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    The Company of Parents for Children POKIDDO

    The Company of Parents for Children

    People are having little spare time with families due to the fast-paced tempo of modern life. This is a promotion video made by Pokiddo park in Suqian. It inspires parents to put down their busy work and smart phone for a while and spend more time with children during their childhood.

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