Some questions about Giant pin art
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Some questions about Giant pin art

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1.Dos Pin screen come with another PIN?

Yes we will provide additional needles to avoid some items loss.


2 .Can you provide PIN samples?

Yes, We provide sample but you need to pay for freight.

3 .What kind of shipping term can you provide?

 Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS,etc.

4 .How long is the production time?

One set Pin screen will be within 15 working days, normal production time is 25-35 working days.

5 .How to install our products?

The Pin screen all the parts needed for installation. Just follow the instructions and connect them.

We provide on-site installation service for large products.


6 .what the length of can be selected?

Yes we have different PIN such as 16cm,10cm, 19 cm.

7 .what’s the better size for adults using?

We recommend that size 240*120CM, plastic needle length 16CM, diameter 0.7CM.


8. What is the better size for kid using?

Size 140*120CM, plastic needle length 16CM, diameter 0.7CM.

9.What packaging is PIN screen used?

It come with Plywood Packaging and pearl cotton inside.


10.What‘s the material of needles

Aerospace engineering material, excellent performance and high hardness; advantages: the plastic needle is firmly combined, and it is not easy to drop the needle; the shape is delicate and the pattern is exquisite; the strength is high, and it can withstand aging.


11 Why is the pin art toy so funny and interactive? 

It's one of those epic gadgets (or toys rather) that we have all at some point toyed with. We used to press our hands, a bag or whatever we could towards those pins to make a cool pattern on the other side.

12 How to repair if the needle broken

we will provide additional needles to avoid some items broken.

13 Do you provide warranty service

If damaged due to violent loading, we will not be responsible for it,,If due to product quality problems, we will propose solutions according to the actual situation.

14 Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes ,one set.

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If you have any questions,please contact me.

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