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How to start an adventure park A

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How to start an adventure park ?

What I share with you today is the construction experience of the outdoor jungle adventure park. We also do it based on the concept of child-friendly. The shared content has four parts:

1. A brief introduction to jungle exploration;

2. Let me tell you about the advantages of the jungle adventure created by French altus with a full range of koala products under their umbrella;

3. Safety is the foundation, how are our safety protection measures done?

4. Finally, briefly introduce our company's business.


1, Introduction of Koala Jungle Adventure Products

The koala jungle adventure is called Tree Top Adventure Park abroad, and it is also called High Wire Adventure Course. At present, what we are more familiar with in China is called Jungle Leap, Flying Over the Jungle, and Jungle Crossing. In fact, its professional name is "High-altitude Rope Adventure Park". The history of this product is still relatively short. The world's first park was built in the French Alps in 1995. This activity has become popular in Europe. There are also many jungle adventure parks in Southeast Asia. France. In China, it is even shorter, it is estimated that it is only a dozen years. Jungle Adventure Park is a whole new way for people to explore nature. Builders use nature's trees and rocks to traverse from platform to platform through a series of suspension bridges, nets, walkways, barrels, Tarzan jumps, ziplines and other fun challenging levels.


2, What are the advantages of the jungle adventure created by the complete set of koala products

Advantage 1: Design the adventure park according to the route

First of all, let's take a look at the jungle adventures that are often seen in China. In fact, we should call it outdoor expansion more appropriately, because they all have one characteristic: there is only one route in the whole process, and there are more than 20 levels, often based on the length of the route. Define the length or scale of the expedition.


And our koala jungle adventure is different, we refuse a single route. Our advantage is to design multiple lines according to the degree of difficulty. You can clearly see in the schematic diagram that we have designed four lines: green line, blue line, yellow line and red line. The green line represents the children's line, which is aimed at people over 1 meter tall. The difficulty of the blue line and the yellow line will increase slightly, and adults and children need to be challenged together. These two lines are called parent-child lines. Compared with other lines, the height of the red line will increase, and it will usually be built at 8 meters or more. This line is aimed at teenagers and adults, and requires a height of 1.4 meters or more.

探险乐园线路.jpgWe do not advocate that one line runs through to the end, challenging projects to be assembled at will, and then ignoring the issue of operational reception. Our pocket house has a concept of "no operation, no planning", and our planning must be based on the perspective of customers and the planning of businesses. If a line runs through to the end, then we think it is a waste of precious forest resources and an irresponsible perfunctory for tourists.

This is one of our renderings, we have divided it into children's line, parent-child line and adult challenge line. In this way, the interference of adults to children can be effectively avoided, or in other words, we are more friendly to children, and at the same time make the experience of adults better.


This page shows a list of each level for each of our routes.


This is the biggest advantage of our koala jungle: the adventure park is designed according to the route!

Advantage 2: Respect and get close to nature

Our second advantage can be summed up in one sentence: respect nature, get close to nature, and let children experience nature.

First, how do we respect nature?

We will use natural trees to build the adventure park, and the materials we add outside will also use wood, log-colored structures and ropes. All of our material accessories will use the colors of nature to maintain the original feeling of the forest. After so many years of construction and communication with customers, this approach has also been generally recognized by customers.


Secondly, we will integrate into nature, so that tourists have a pure natural experience.

For children, in the scenes they play, nature is their best campus. Therefore, our design concept is to integrate nature as much as possible to create a feeling of being in nature for participants, especially children.

Advantage 3: We have designed a reasonable retreat route and detour route.


When we challenge the adventure route, we may be in the previous level, such as zipline, many people will not dare to play, especially the first time, he is afraid to challenge. Then we will have a retreat line, let him choose to go down. When we design the adult line (red line), there will be a very classic level in the middle called "Tarzan Big Jump". This is a very challenging level, and of course the experience is also very good. But for many adults who are playing for the first time, they are afraid to challenge. So we will design a detour route. For these two lines, we use video to show it will be relatively intuitive.

Advantage 4: The jungle crossing equipment passes smoothly and the operation is simple

Our fourth advantage is reflected in our koala's unique pulley.


Our traditional adventure parks or outdoor expansions usually use very simple C-shaped buckles, while our unique koala safety system has better safety, operational friendliness and smooth operation. One of the biggest challenges for our jungle crossing outdoor adventure operation is the pass rate of players. Our solution is to greatly increase the number of pick-ups during peak tourist periods. Here, we also use two videos to show the difference between our pulley and the traditional C-shaped buckle.

Advantage 5: Interesting

The fifth advantage is also an advantage that we think is more important. When we go to play expansion, we often see some players' feedback after the game is over, they are very tired, they don't want to play anymore, and there is no fun. It does have the effect of expansion, but the fun of playing is still not enough, and the experience is not enough. There are many star projects in our fun, such as "Tarzan Jump" and "Super Long Zipline". The zipline is the most indispensable part of our tree and jungle crossing. No matter which route we are in, we will design the zipline as the finale project, reward the tourists at the end of the game, and give the tourists the joy of sliding and the exciting and beautiful body feeling. , allowing tourists to end the challenge of the entire line in joy. We also set up ziplines of different lengths between each project, and the ziplines between trees have greatly improved the satisfaction of tourists.


The more stimulating challenges are still concentrated in vertical projects, bringing tourists some weightless experience, such as "Tarzan Jump" or "rapid drop", also known as "mini bungee jumping". These are some of the very good projects for tourists to shoot their play records. Here is also a video to show some of our jungle crossing star projects.

Here I also list some very interesting projects, such as "Super Long Zipline", "Climbing Wall", "Roller Roller Slide", "Tarzan Jump", "Air Bike", "Spirit Bike", " Mesh Park", "Mini Bungee Jumping".



to be continued....

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