How Amazing that Adventure Park Can Do Like This?!
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How Amazing that Adventure Park Can Do Like This?!

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How Amazing that Adventure Park Can Do Like This?!

With the development of the economy, the improvement of people's quality of life, the security of jungle crossing, and the continuous improvement of legal documents for jungle crossing, jungle crossing has gradually become popular among domestic enterprises and institutions, and has been recognized and accepted. Since the post-90s group entered the society in 2015, the term "travel-style group building" has been favored by new enterprises such as Internet companies, financial enterprises and institutions!丛林穿越源自法国

Why has Jungle Crossing been widely promoted in China in such a short period of time? The answer is that there is a special charm about jungle crossings. Bushwalking is not a sporting activity, nor is it a recreational activity. Rather, it is a comprehensive enhancement and comprehensive baptism of knowledge acquired through orthodox education.


The knowledge and skills we usually have are our abilities, while spirit and attitude are an invisible force that often plays a key role. Under what circumstances can limited knowledge and skills exert their energy? How to make people perform exceptionally well? The answer lies in the jungle crossing.

However, in recent years, jungle crossing manufacturers have more constraints on price. For large-scale and formally qualified manufacturers, in order to maintain the quality and reputation of the product, they will carefully check the quality of the product and spend the cost. The price advantage will be lost, making many manufacturers choose to produce low-cost products. Even in recent years, it has gradually become a price war.


This is the disadvantage brought about by the characteristics of jungle crossing, because the "randomness" of this production method makes many people who know project production go to produce jungle crossing products. There are more and more manufacturers, but the product quality of the entire industry is declining.

The root cause of the phenomenon of domestic jungle crossing the market actually does not lie in the manufacturer, but is essentially determined by market supply and demand. To break the deadlock of price competition, that is, to break the deadlock of greatly reduced product quality, manufacturers can only develop and innovate, and innovation is the real soul of the development of manufacturers. The update of the times requires more innovative jungle crossing project levels to satisfy the fun of people's experience.

The changes in the market come from the playability and quality of the product, whether it truly satisfies people's curiosity and satisfaction while ensuring the quality and safety. Novel products are very important, and more importantly, whether the product itself truly achieves the effect customers want!

How to stand out in the industry is a problem that every manufacturer is considering. Innovation is to adapt to changes in the market, explore the advantages of the market, change the aging of the market, and actively look for new jungle crossing project levels.

For example: some manufacturers have professionals to analyze the new national policies every year and the overall situation of the market, so as to speculate on the plan for the second year. Or use some tools to replace manual labor to achieve quick and convenient operations and effects.

The other is to meet the needs of players' age groups, develop new products based on the trends of the world market, put them into production as soon as possible, actively promote them, and push them into the market as soon as possible! Diligence is a stepping stone to success. Constantly understanding the market conditions and adapting to market changes to formulate new strategic directions in a timely manner is also one of the important reasons for determining whether the company can become bigger.


In fact, in the jungle crossing industry, on average every 10 days, a brand-new manufacturer or so-called manufacturer will emerge and disappear with an average probability of 30%. Even so, it can't stop the changes and updates of the market. It is because of the changes in the customer base that they also move. This is the charm of jungle crossing.

Therefore, according to the market demand, reducing labor costs, strict cost accounting, updating old-fashioned products, and seeking more stimulation and differentiation, can we go further in the market!

In addition, you must have a strong sales team. While developing new customers, you must retain existing and old customers. Whenever a new product is updated, you need to let your customers understand the changes in the market as you do, so that you can Maintain a consistent balance and long-term in the same industry!


Hangzhou Pokiddo is a Sino-French joint venture and the general agent of French ALTUS and KOALA in China. We specialize in the design and construction of various indoor and outdoor adventure parks. Targeted customer groups include: large cultural tourism groups, real estate developers, urban investment companies, cultural tourism investment institutions, tourist attractions developers, etc.

The main product series are:

Koala Jungle: Adventure route built on trees.

Urban Cube: Adventure towers built on city landmarks.

Vertical Parks: Adventure Parks Built in Indoor Commercial Spaces

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