How to choose the right logistics method
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How to choose the right logistics method

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Many people only know that importing from China can choose sea freight, in fact, we have other ways for you to choose.

In this article, I will tell you about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of logistics methods, and how to choose the appropriate logistics method for different goods.

If you buy a lot of goods, or the volume is relatively large and the weight is relatively heavy, you can choose to ship by sea or rail.


First, shipping:

Its advantages are: 1: The most affordable

2: A wide range of postal services

Its disadvantages are: 

1: unstable, slow aging, and may be delayed due to weather. 

After all, there are frequent emergencies at sea, and we cannot predict his exact landing time.


The advantages of rail transport are

1: Stable and time-sensitive

2: There are many types of transport items, such as liquids, cosmetics and charged items, etc.

3: The price is lower, but generally not as affordable as shipping

Its disadvantages are: 

1: It can only lead to Asia and Europe

2: You need to confirm whether there are railway transportation points around your address. If your address is too far from the railway transportation point, the price may be much higher, at this time I suggest you choose sea freight.

If the goods you buy are light in weight, such as samples or small pieces, you can choose air or international express.


First is air freight:

Its advantages are: 

1: Fast time, your goods can be delivered to your country's airport in 1-3 days

Its disadvantages are: 

1: It is very expensive. If it is not a special emergency, it will be much cheaper to choose international express.

2: Generally it is impossible to do door to door, it can only be delivered to the airport, and you need to pick up the goods yourself.


Compared with international express, the advantages are:

1: Door-to-door service can be achieved, you only need to wait for the express at home

2: The time is not slow. You can receive the goods in about 3-6 days. Although it is a little slower than air freight, it is also very affordable, right?

3: cheap

Its disadvantages are:

1: It is only recommended to transport small-sized and light-weight goods.

After watching this article, do you know how to choose the most suitable logistics method?

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