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FAQ about EVA floor mats

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Q:What is EVA Floor Mat?

EVA is a kind of Soft, flexible plastic with low-temperature toughness and stress-crack resistance. 

Flexible EVA is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It's an extremely elastic material that can be processed like other thermoplastics.

1: Safety, environmental protection, no peculiar smell

2: Waterproof and stain-proof, soft and easy to clean, machine washable

3: Thick and high rebound, no pain when falling

4: Free cutting, such as your sofa or table hinders the unfolding of the floor mat, you can modify the floor mat into any shape you want.

5: There are many patterns and varieties

6: Flexible and wear-resistant, the baby does not hurt when falling

7: Non-slip, suitable for all kinds of floors

Q:what is causing the price difference about our EVA mats.?

First, the density of the sponge: the higher the density of the sponge, the more durable it will be, of course, the price will be more expensive, and it will be harder in comparison. But don't worry, no matter how much density EVA floor mats are, they won't hurt your child.


Second, the thickness of the floor mat: you can buy 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm or 2.5cm thick floor mats according to your needs, the thicker the floor mat, the higher the price, and of course the safer.


Third, The pattern of the floor mat:  we have leaf patterns, or we can make it into wood or waves. The leaf pattern is the most common and cheaper, while other patterns are more expensive.

Q:How to get samples?

It is very important to get samples, you can see the product more intuitively, touch it and feel it, which is very helpful to understand the material and quality of the product. There are several steps to get a sample:

First: Choose two or three factories to request samples. Comparing multiple suppliers can help you choose the best product for you.

Second: pay the sample fee. Most factories need to pay a sample fee of about $30, but we BETTAPLAY generally provide free samples. Even in the case of very large samples, we charge part of the sample fee and will return it when you place an order.

Third: choose a courier company. We have long-term cooperation with FEDEX express, you can get more favorable price. But if you want to choose other courier, such as DHL, it is totally fine.



Last: Waiting to get samples. Shipping will take about three days.

Have you learn it?If you have any questions,please contact me.

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