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FAQ about all large-scale amusement equipment

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1.How can I be sure the playgrounds are safe for children ?

Every betta playground was designed with the children who will use it in mind. All products are TUV certified in compliance to ASTM or EN1176 standards. 

We also strive to meet CPSC and CSA standards for product design and safety. Our facility is certified as ISO 9001 (for manufacturing standards of quality, 

production and installation) and ISO 14001 for environmental management, measurement, and evaluation.

2.What is the estimated project timeline?

Choosing a pre-designed structure from our website or catalog is the quickest way to get your system delivered, but we also offer designs created just for you. 

Custom designs will add to the timeline, as they will need to be designed and rendered according to your specifications. After your order is placed, your equipment 

should arrive within 3-4 weeks.

3.What about safety surfacing?

Safety surfacing is required for any play activity that allows the child to leave the ground. Play & Park Structures offers a variety of surfacing options to fit your 

needs and your budget. Ask your representative for information on specific surfacing types or visit here for more information.

4.Do I need to do anything for playground equipment delivery?

If you are going by sea , you are responsible for facilitating delivery, unloading, and storing your equipment when it arrives at your site. To learn more about what 

to expect when receiving your playground equipment,  please contact us directly.

5.What all do I need to consider when planning a playground?

There are 6 main factors to consider when planning a playground space:

1 .The overall size of the site (For indoor playground Width , Length, and height , for outdoor playground you need consider width and length of the safety area 

    for the playground)

2. The age of the intended users

3. The overall projected number of users

4. The types or functions of activities.

5. Commercial or Public ? If it is commercial playground, you ‘d better do a business plan.(Contact us freely if you need our team support about business plan)

6. Budget

   Be sure to contact our sales freely for our  free infographic that outlines the playground planning roadmap that will help breakdown the process - the surfacing, 

   freight, and installation considerations, and how to best plan your budget

6.Do you offer custom design?

Absolutely! But let’s talk about what “custom” means. We offer pre-designed structures that you can see on our website and catalog. These Plastic Playground 

structures can are ordered as the pictures shown. We can also design a custom structure using existing products that will fit within your specific space and budget. 

And if the material of playground is wood, PE board ,stainless steel etc., we can also do more“specials”: a play structure utilizing standard equipment and special 

products we create just for you, such as a PE panel with custom text or a unique climber themed after your community history or some other unique event, send us 

your ideas freely.

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