What is Indoor Playground ?
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What is Indoor Playground ?

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Indoor Kids zone or Indoor playgrounds, also known as indoor play centers, are playgrounds located in interior environment. In fact people also call an indoor playground Commercial playgrounds, which  are developed to provide fun for children ages 14 and under in a safe environment. There are distinct differences between Commercial and Residential Playgrounds. Residential Playgrounds, though safe, are typically made out of lumber and do not have safety guidelines set up by different associations.What’s more parents can usually find commercial playgrounds at public parks, fast food restaurants, indoor play places, day-cares, kindergartens , schools, and churches, where kids and parents all can enjoy a great time together. Prices for a commercial playground depend on size and the type of components on them. The prices range from typically $10,000 to $150,000.They are specifically designed for kids to play in a safe and fun area and have tremendous fun with. The soft-contained structure and play equipment are wrapped in soft sponge and foam, PVC covered to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around. As such,   an indoor playground is usually a safer play area compared to an outdoor playground.

Since its origination in 1990′s from the US, indoor playground has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world. In the past few decades the commercial playground industry grew tremendously. Commercial playgrounds started as slides and climbing structures being put next to one another and then eventually being combined. Since those early days Commercial playgrounds have grown into a multimillion-dollar industry with playgrounds having multiple levels, climbing structures, slides, play panels, and stations

Today, it has evolved from simple indoor climbing frame, to complex children play center that includes multiple play areas serving different age groups. In addition to ticket sales, the revenue of indoor playground comes from a diverse source of children’s entertainment and services such as: hosting party, gift sale, kids art and craft, drinks, and more.The playgrounds are designed with both safety and fun in mind to ensure a good time for the children and peace of mind for parents and guardians.  

Indoor playgrounds can vary hugely in terms of sizes and play features. while small indoor playground may be mainly a soft-contained play structure, Large indoor playgrounds, sometimes a part of a family entertainment center, can span across over 1000 square metres, and include the following sections:

Multi-entry 3 Lane Waving Slide, trampoline, flying fox, mouse hole climbing net, chain bridge, cannon gun, ball pool, punching bags, spiral slide, soft obstacles, volcano soft climbing slide, trolley, tubby slide, giant soft lego playground, blaster area, fort... 

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