What are the investment costs of indoor parks?
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What are the investment costs of indoor parks?

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What are the investment costs of indoor parks? 


1. The rental investment cost of indoor park venues (about 1-5 yuan per square meter per day)

The venue rent is determined by the location of your indoor park, and the venue rent is relatively different. However, the site selection factor of the venue will account for 70% of the profit return of the indoor park in the future, so the venue rent accounts for a high proportion of the entire indoor park investment. Nothing wrong with that. Under normal circumstances, the rent of trampoline halls is proportional to the development level of the area. The rents in first-tier cities are higher than those in second- and third-tier cities, and urban areas are higher than suburbs; commercial centers are higher than general areas; shopping malls are higher than factory renovations; prosperous areas are more remote than Lot is high.


2. Decoration of indoor park venues (about 300-600 yuan per square meter)

The decoration of the indoor park is like the decoration of your own house. The water inside is relatively deep, which can be high-end or ordinary. Therefore, the decoration of the venue needs to be simplified or cancelled according to the actual needs and budget. Everything is completely based on its own. budget.

3. Investment cost of indoor park equipment (about 400-800 yuan per square meter)

The price of amusement equipment needs to be determined according to the customer site and the customer's functional requirements. Therefore, when making equipment investment budget, you can make a budget according to the functional type of the indoor park.

4. Other daily consumption of indoor park

It is mainly divided into employees' wages, daily consumption (commodities, office expenses, procurement, water and electricity networks, etc.). Indoor park promotion and marketing costs (according to the actual situation of venue marketing investment) advertising, promotional activities, various daily activities, etc. At the same time, through the case of a single store, we can find that rent and staff wages still occupy most of the cost of our venue's daily operation, rather than Other entertainment venues need to invest in various costs in the later stage, so the actual prospect of indoor amusement is still very good. At the same time, through the revenue data of a single store, we can find that the proportion of tickets is still the largest segment of revenue, but the revenue of membership cards also accounts for a quarter of the revenue of the store, additional group building and group purchases, etc. accounted for one-fifth of the store.


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