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Where Can Children Go When Parents Go To Work

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  An indoor playground is a place where both you and your child can let off some steam— provided, of course, you know what to do when conflicts flare up. Armed with some of our indoor playground tips, you’ll be ready to handle whatever comes your way.Perhaps not surprisingly, playground manners boil down to lessons we all learned in kindergarten. “Sharing is caring” and “keep your hands to yourself.” The key is encouraging children to think of the indoor play area as a communal space rather than their own personal playground. Read on for more in-depth tips about how to handle the indoor playground like a pro.

Always be prepared

  Many parents shared a long list of things to bring: wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks, and treats. However, parents of multiples were a little more bare-bones in their approach.One of the mother has a few more indoor playground tips: shoes that come on and off easily, clothes that are OK to get wrecked, and anextra pair of socks. “It’s always a good idea to keep a pair of your own socks in the diaper bag, too,” she said.Parents agreed that the most important thing to bring is an extra set of clothes. Even when they’re potty-trained, kids can get distracted when they play. “And that’s when accidents happen.”

Show Your Kid How to Get the Most Out of Sharing Imagine 

  Your child slowly climbing up the ramp to a slide, allowing a long line to form behind him. It’s only polite to teach your child not to dilly-dally, but it’s also difficult when young ones have yet to learn empathy. Daniel Katz, the assistant manager of Chicago’s Kid’s Island, suggested a little bit of harmless manipulation. The trick is to show your kid how he stands to benefit from using playground manners. The faster he climbs up that side, after all, the faster his next turn will come up. Katz framed this in a way that might get through to your child: “Helping others is also helping yourself.”


Be Extra Polite Around Other Kids

  Parents Dealing with conflicts between kids or parents is a sticky situation. What happens if someone’s child is being too rough? What about that one little girl who’s only interested in what other kids are playing with? And what if the parents aren’t paying any attention to their little horror show? Many Facebook moms and dads advocated not saying anything and simply redirecting your child to a different part of the indoor play area. When we asked Roubitchek, she suggested coming down to the other child’s level and using a nonthreatening tone. “Sweetie,” she advised saying to a pushy child, “you need to wait your turn. Where’s your mom or dad?” Katz offered a slightly different approach: simply ask the offending child in a neutral tone, “Why are you doing that, Matthew?” Usually, parents’ ears will perk up when they hear their own child’s name. In any case, parents can be sensitive, so it’s always best to approach a situation in a polite and nonjudgmental way.


Clean Up After Your Kid 

During playtime, the staff is usually around to clean up the smaller messes. But if your child pulls all the costumes off the hooks or spills dolls all over the slide, you might want to help or gently nudge your child to put them back. Playground etiquette extends to keeping your own things neat, too—especially your stroller. “Not only does [folding up your stroller] make more space and less chaos,” Roubitchek said, “it prevents the safety hazard of kids climbing into open strollers.”

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Try to Relax a Little 

We’ll let one Facebook mom sum it up with one final indoor playground tip: “Bring a friend and some coffee. Let your children roam. Every parent is there for the same reason: to catch a break.

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