How does play affect children
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How does play affect children

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Playing with cars may aid your child’s emotional, social and physical development. Here’s how Whether they’re our own kids, or those of friends and family, many of us don’t pause to consider the role of play in children’s lives. We just take it for granted that they spend spare moments pushing toy trucks around or pretending to be dragons (or sometimes both) and while it’s fun (definitely for them, and sometimes for us) don’t assign it much significance beyond that.

According to Professor Jeffrey Goldstein, a child psychologist at the University of Utrecht and co-editor of Toys and Communication (2017), there is something of fundamental importance going on when children play. “There is no other activity that develops their language, spatial awareness, social and communication skills and physical abilities in such a prolonged way,” he says.

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Different materials of battery bumper cars can bring different feelings, which can make children who learn new things by touching feel the joy they don't need.  In addition, battery bumper cars will make children in comfortable surroundings willing to explore the world with their own hands.

The battery bumper car can make sound or music.  Some batteries touch cars and touch will play an interesting sound. They can nurture children's interaction with the environment and improve their skills, creativity and musical imagination.

The battery bumper cars are colorful.  Rich and colorful children's battery bumper cars can improve their visual ability, especially for different shapes and colors, so that children can learn to distinguish the relationship between different shapes and colors and stimulate their creativity.

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