Secrets to be a good parent
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Secrets to be a good parent

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The parents have the divine mission once they have a child.  However, people didn't know how to be a good parent at first, because they didn't have much experience. Now let me introduce how to be a good parent.

Give the child love and affection. A warm touch or a caring hug can let children know that their parents really care about him or her.  No matter how angry at he/she you are, tell he/she that his/her parents love him/her.

Be proud of your child. You should always be grateful for having your child, for there are so many people who may not have the opportunity of having this privilege. Feel good and happy that god has chosen you to embrace this wonderful gift.

Praise your child everyday.Praise can give your child confidence. What’s more, you are supposed to tell him/her exactly where he/she is doing well.

Never ever compare.It is a crime to compare your child with anyone. You should feel for him/her, don’t be too harsh. If a child is treated inferior in comparison to others, he/she gradually becomes a victim of inferiority complex and loses self-confidence.

Be a good listener.You can even set aside a time to talk to your children every day. Always remember to have a dialogue with your children and invariably avoid monologues. Being a parent, you should make it a point to show interest in things your child do and also what they have to say so that he/she will confide in you whenever there is a problem, instead of going to friends or other people. Also it is necessary that if you want them to listen to you, you should listen to them.

Respect the child's personality. Playing is the nature of every child. As a wise parent, we shouldn't deprive them of the right to play.  Don't always ask our children to stop doing something they want to do; meanwhile, let the child have more confidence and create learning. Actually, some plays help the growth of the child, like intellectual toys, sports, amusement park, indoor playground and etc. Therefore, providing an indoor playground in home will be a good present for your child.

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