How to Maintain Large Outdoor Amusement Equipment
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How to Maintain Large Outdoor Amusement Equipment

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    Large-scale amusement equipment is divided into outdoor and indoor projects. As outdoor equipment, regular maintenance and daily maintenance are very important to maintain its safety and service life.  

    What are the differences between large-scale outdoor amusement equipment and indoor amusement facilities? 

    First of all, the materials used for outdoor projects and indoor equipment are different. The outdoor equipment should withstand the wind and sunshine, so the material used must be very durable. The bad material can not withstand long sunshine and will fade quickly. As an indoor children's amusement equipment, because it does not have these problems, the material chosen is mainly beautiful, mostly some fine decorative patterns, and durable, will not fade.            

   Secondly, if large outdoor amusement equipment encounters rainy days, how to protect the equipment?

     First and foremost, stop operation.  There are all kinds of amusement equipment around us. Every year, some new-looking equipment will be on the market, which attracts the attention of many children.  At the same time, it also attracts the investment of children's amusement equipment. According to some manufacturers of amusement equipment, the demand for amusement facilities in the market in recent years is very large, not a year. The annual sales of small and impressive manufacturers can reach tens of millions. This is obvious to all.   

    Second, maintenance of the whole machine is usually conducted half a year; the main transmission parts should be awakened and cleaned, oil changed, vulnerable parts replaced, etc. The key parts should be checked whether the wear condition is serious, whether serious, whether there are cracks, welding and other abnormal;      

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