How to install skiing slide? (B)
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How to install skiing slide? (B)

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How to install skiing slide?

----- We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial playgrounds from design, manufacture

 and install.

最终设计图尺寸图I think we should all thumbs up for our designer for his patience and hardworking to make this dry skiing slope work !

4th  However, we find that the slope frame is really challenging , you see it is on a slope ! Not on a flat ground,or a slope as usual, how can we do the pre-installation for this customer ?!

So we suggested our customer maybe he can buy dry skiing flooring from us and frame can be built and installed in his own country , because quality is our culture, we trust business is to help our customers make the best solution for projects !!

Thanks for customer’s trust , he still insist to do the whole project in Bettaplay, because he said , he just trust us, and we talked another 3 + times through video talk by wechat. And finally we decide to do the preinstalltion of the dry skiing slope in our workshop . 

We do each feet of the frame of different heights and then install it , it is really dangerious actually , because the feet height diffference it is not stable 

5th The project installation in our workshop is like the following for the dry skiing slope ! What do you think ?

And because our customer put the whole project outside , so we use this kind of wood to fix the dry skiing material for him , what do you think ?Actually, we also have our own Pokiddo Kids Zone where there is a dry skiing slope indoor.  Kids really love playing this game again and again . 



Snow Tubby Slides are a popular attraction for kids. The donut slide is a different alternative to the normal slides. The child slides down using a donut similar to how a child slides down the hill in winter. With this slide, instead of just winter, the children can enjoy the slide the whole year around.

last design of the tubby slide 

For more information about the dry skiing slope, please click the following products link. 


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