How to choose a safe and compliant trampoline park venue to punch in?
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How to choose a safe and compliant trampoline park venue to punch in?

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How to choose a safe and compliant trampoline park venue to punch in? 

If you are ready to go to the trampoline park that is sporty, thrilling, exciting, fun and stress-relieving.

Then you must read this article.

How can consumers tell if the venue I want to punch in is a safe and compliant venue?

After all, when we go out to play, we should not only have fun, but also play with confidence.

Then today, our bettaplay will show you:

The China Trampoline Industry Association released two industry management documents in 2019 and 2021, "Basic Standards and Requirements for the Development of Mass Trampoline Sports" and "Requirements for Trampoline Site Configuration".

Based on the requirements of the content of these documents and combined with the detailed expressions in the operation of the venue, this article objectively analyzes how much the venue attaches to compliance and safety, and provides a certain reference for you who are about to punch in.

First, safety tips in trampoline parks


Whether it is before or after entering the venue, it is particularly important that there should be very obvious graphic descriptions and safety tips where the project is played.

If it is hastily, it means that the venue operator does not pay attention to it. How can you believe that it pays attention to safety?

Second, the warm-up exercise after entering the trampoline park venue


If a venue forces you to warm up before entering the venue, it must attach great importance to safety and has rich operating experience, so as a gamer, you should not be troublesome.

Third, the staff in the trampoline park work with certificates


According to the requirements of document management, the safety staff and coaches on the field are required to hold relevant qualification certificates. 

If the venue has passed the examination, it will definitely be posted at the front desk or in a more obvious place in the venue. 

After all, these certificates are obtained with real money and time.

Fourth, buy insurance for trampoline park venues


The management documents clearly require venue operators to insure venue public liability insurance and personal sports accident insurance. 

These two trampoline park insurances are to solve the problem of consumers in the event of a safety accident in the venue, which can be claimed through the insurance company.

Reduce or even avoid economic losses to consumers.

I would like to warn everyone here, don’t be naive to think that I am injured in the stadium, and the stadium will compensate me for all the treatment costs.

I can tell you clearly that since the venue has taken out insurance, the insurance company must compensate you.

If the venue only has venue public liability insurance, all claims will be settled at your own risk.

(Assuming that you are injured and spend a lot of money on treatment, according to the general experience of the court's responsibility division, if the safety accident is not caused by the quality of the trampoline park equipment, the average responsibility of the venue is about 30%)

It is recommended that you purchase a personal sports accident insurance before playing. 

This is not only a clear regulation of the industry standard, but more importantly, accident insurance does not need to divide liability and compensation

If some venues have already configured this accident insurance offline, it shows that the venues attach great importance to safety. 

As consumers, we should not think it is too troublesome to fill in the information.

Finally, an experience is summed up: those venues that have more requirements, most of them attach great importance to safety. 

So how to make a safe and safe trampoline park to play, you-have you learned?

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