A Few Questions You Want to Know About the Indoor Playground-A
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A Few Questions You Want to Know About the Indoor Playground-A

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Frequently Asked Questions

         We know you have questions about the indoor playground, that's great! Because we want to provide answers! Below you will find most of the typical questions we get asked regarding playground and recreation projects. Of course if you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to your recreation consultant, or our friendly customer service staff.

1. How can I open an Indoor Playground?

In short, Market Research - Choose a location - Prepare Floor Plan - Design - Producing - Shipping - Installation - Opening

2. Can you make the indoor playground design according to the color and theme of our company's logo?

Yes, of course! We have a very professional team of designers who can make indoor playground design drawings for you. Please send me your logo first. At the same time, we also have other themes for you to choose, such as ocean, candy, jungle, etc.

3. I would like to have an area that can be used for parties for my clients. Can you please included it to my indoor playground design?

Yes, of course! You can tell me your ideas about the party room.

4. How to get a customized indoor playground design?

Design: 100% customized, New design usually take 2-4 days.

To offer a perfect indoor playground design proposal tailored for your space, the below are the steps we need to take.

A. Whats the detailed information do you need to make the design for me?

1) The CAD floor plan of your space that you want to build the indoor playground.

2) The photos of the interior and exterior of the space, you can stand in the middle of the site and take photos and videos in different directions.

3) The heights of the space, including the ceiling height and the clear height.

4) Facilities in the space, like the entrance, exit, toilets, elevator, etc.

B. I have some ideas and preference designs about the indoor playground, can you please make the design according to these?  

Yes, of course. Please tell me the games you wanna include in your indoor playground, and send me the designs you prefer. And you can tell me your budget to build the indoor playground.

C. What is CAD Layout Plan?

We usually make a CAD Layout Plan for your indoor playground before making the design. You can use the layout to confirm the space utilization, capacity, game items, play route and whether the fire protection standard can be passed, ect.

D. What is the next step after I confirm the layout?

It’s create customized 3D design proposal for your indoor playground.

Once the layout is confirmed, The designers will keep your theme requirement and preferences in their mind and try their best to create a fantastic trampoline park design for you.

5. Is it difficult to install? Do you have indoor playground installation manual? Or do you send your own workers over to help install the Indoor Playground ? What's the cost?

We will provide installation instructions after production is complete. So you can do installation by our guidance. But if playground bigger than 500 square ft, we strongly suggest let’s our installer take care for you.

The installation cost will be stated clearly in our Installation site confirmation letter.

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