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What you must know before opening a trampoline park!

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         Are you struggling with how to open a trampoline park? Are you working on the preliminary work of opening a trampoline park?

         If you want to open a trampoline park and to make a good profit, the location of the trampoline park is the most important consideration and a necessary condition. So, before investing in a trampoline park, what aspects do we need to analyze and prepare in advance?


1. The market research of trampoline park

          Market research is the work that must be done before investing in a trampoline park. Only by understanding the market demand and trend, and mastering the market characteristics, can we better manage our own trampoline park.

(1) Market analysis of trampoline industry

a. Analysis of the needs and potential of consumers in trampoline parks, including population size, economic level, income level, consumption capacity, etc.;

b. The development of the same type of industry as trampoline in this area, investigate the operation of sports and amusement-related industries in the intended area, so as to better understand the development potential of trampoline parks in the intended area. For example, children's playground, sports club, bars, fitness club, etc.

c. Investigate the trampoline parks of competitors around the intended venue, try not to overlap the crowd coverage area, and a distance of more than 15-30 kilometers is better, and make differentiated layout and marketing according to the characteristics of competitors and venues.

(2) Research on the location convenience of trampoline park

a. Consider whether the infrastructure and supporting facilities around the location of park are complete, the carrying capacity of people flow, the comparison of consumption capacity, and the convenience of traffic and parking, etc., and choose an appropriate location after comprehensive comparison.

b. On the basis of the rental price, area, supporting conditions and property nature of the park venue, and according to the investment budget, select a cost-effective park venue.

2. How to choose the location of trampoline park ?

(1) Location selection of trampoline park: Targeted selection should be made according to the age range of the trampoline park’s customers. If it is positioned as a teenager, it is recommended that the park be located close to schools, commercial centers, large supermarkets, gyms, comprehensive playgrounds, etc. Places where teenagers are concentrated; if the trampoline park is positioned for children, it is recommended that the park be located close to primary schools, training institutions, major communities, large shopping malls and other places where children are concentrated.

(2) The trampoline park needs convenient transportation. There are relatively well-known landmarks nearby, which are convenient and better remembered by people. Its supporting facilities are complete, which can meet the catering and shopping needs of consumers. In addition, the rent of the venue should not be too expensive.

3. Special requirements for trampoline parks on the site

(1) The height requirements for trampoline venues

If the main customer group of the trampoline park is children, the net height of the venue must reach 4m; If the main customer group is the adult, the net height of the venue must reach 5.2m or more. We recommend that the higher the net height of the venue, the better, and more innovative and exciting projects can be added, such as devil slides, dry ski slides, indoor rock climbing and other equipment. The richer the project, the more attractive the park, which can increase the interest and customer viscosity of the trampoline park.

(2) Trampoline park requirements for venue space

The ground of the venue needs to be flat, and the more regular the internal layout, the better. There should be good ventilation and lighting conditions and fire evacuation passages around. There should be as few columns and beams as possible in the space.

(3) Trampoline park requirements for site size

There is no special requirement for the size of the trampoline park. It needs to be determined according to many factors such as its own financial strength, venue positioning, and expectations for the return on investment of the trampoline park. If you are optimistic about the local development prospects of the trampoline park industry and have sufficient financial strength or strong partners, then you can pursue a larger trampoline park venue and corresponding profits.

If your trampoline park is positioned as a children's playground, and it is recommended that the trampoline park size be within 500-1500 square meters; if it is positioned for teenagers, it is recommended to be more than 1500-3000 square meters; if it is positioned as a comprehensive entertainment park, it can be based on trampoline equipment. In addition to indoor projects such as Naughty Castle, arcade games, and family restaurant, the venue size can range from 5,000 to 10,000 square meters.


(4) Trampoline park requirements for fire approval

a. There are no less than two safety exits in the trampoline hall, and it is advisable to have an independent fire exit and exit of the trampoline park. The trampoline hall shall not be opened in the basement or above the 4th floor (unless there is an independent fire escape), and the fire escape shall be maintained. Unobstructed without objects blocking it.

b. The laying of wires in the trampoline park must meet the fire protection requirements, and the pipes must be in place. When using high-power electrical appliances, they should keep a sufficient distance from combustibles.

c. Formulate fire emergency evacuation plans and related systems for trampoline parks, conduct regular firefighting training and drills, and keep evacuation channels open.

d. Trampoline manufacturers are required to ensure sufficient fire escapes when planning trampoline venues, and the width of fire escapes is 1.5 to 1.8 meters.

e. Equipped with fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lighting for fire accidents and evacuation signs, etc.

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