What are the general trends that trampoline parks will enter into a new development cycle?
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What are the general trends that trampoline parks will enter into a new development cycle?

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What are the general trends that trampoline parks will enter into a new development cycle? 

It is a general trend that trampoline parks will enter a new cycle. Why say so?


The development trend of trampoline park

Every industry has cycles, and each cycle will inevitably bring new changes, which are determined by time, industry characteristics, and market changes.

We all know that If anything wants to reach the dimension of the general trend, it must be because there are enough variables in external factors, thus changing the changes in internal factors.

At the same time, the changes of external factors are also caused by the changes and influences of internal factors.

The trampoline park has also gone through seven or eight years of development in China, experienced prosperity and decline, and has also entered a new cycle stage. Dividends and difficulties in each new cycle are the supply and demand behavior of operators and consumers in the previous cycle, including changes in external factors (market, policy) and uncontrollable factors (epidemic), and ultimately New cyclical dividends and difficulties are determined.

As investors of trampoline parks, we need to have a 3-5 year foresight to plan ahead as much as possible, enjoy new periodic dividends or reduce unnecessary risks.

In the new cycle, what are the irreversible trends in the trampoline park industry?


Point 1: The development trend of the diversity of functional projects in trampoline parks

Trampoline parks can no longer meet consumers' experience needs and market competition, which puts forward higher requirements for investors' project selection ability, planning and combination ability, and capital ability (sports parks have become indoor parks for many investors. 

New choices in the industry), which also puts forward higher requirements for the diversification management and operation capabilities in the later stage. In the new cycle, good financial data will still be good, bad will be very bad

Point2: the trend of trampoline parks in terms of safety and security

Security is an implicit post-existence. It is the consensus standard brought about by the feedback from multiple parties in the market that hits investors one punch at a time, and the consensus standard is the same as my country's mandatory standard. weight. 

For example, trampolines are dangerous to a certain extent. It is Douyin's measures to limit the current of trampoline halls and prohibit them from being put on shelves. 

The outbreak of a safety accident in a trampoline park has aroused everyone's consensus.

It is no exaggeration to say that Douyin’s current limit indirectly causes the industry to lose tens of millions of sales each year. 

Is this TikTok made? Of course not, it was the incidents of injuries in the trampoline gym that drove it!


At present, most venues cannot buy venue public liability insurance that meets the actual business needs. 

If you don’t know what the actual business needs are, you can take a look at the “Basic Standards and Requirements for Public Trampoline Sports” on venue public responsibility. 

The amount of insurance required, we can tell you responsibly: the policy formulation is the minimum standard. 

When the amount of public liability insurance is not enough, it has become the general trend of venue safety in the new cycle to equip venues with personal sports accident insurance.

Regardless of the diversity of project planning or the comprehensiveness of venue security, it is the general trend: one is to give venues the opportunity to make more money, and the other is to allow venues to lose less money. 

These two general directions have always existed. , but the way different cycles are displayed will be different, and ultimately they all lead to one goal: to maintain the stability of market entities, to protect the rights and interests of consumers from being damaged, and to promote the sustainable development of mass trampoline sports.

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