What Business Licenses Will You Need to Start an Indoor Playground?
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What Business Licenses Will You Need to Start an Indoor Playground?

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     Most small businesses need only one or two licenses to operate,  but  an indoor playground involves children, your business might need multiple state-specific licenses.


Basic Licenses

    The two basic business licenses you need for an indoor playground are the Doing Business As (DBA) license and a general business license from your state.The DBA allows you to use a name other than your own for your indoor playground. Meanwhile, A general business license from your state is typically required to register your business so that the state is able to collect taxes from your operations.

Business Specific


      Many states require specific licenses for any business operating a child activity center, such as an indoor playground. Licensing is dependent on the facility passing an inspection by the city for zoning reasons. Contact your state's small business center or your county clerk for further information about the specific child activity license you need.

Other Licenses
    Your state may require other licenses if you offer certain services at your indoor playground. For example, if you want to offer an area for kids to eat or buy food, your state may require a child-care facility food-handling license. Indoor playgrounds that offer daycare areas may need a separate license for taking care of kids.

    Licenses for any businesses involving children typically involve a criminal background check and other restrictions.Check with your state regarding any special restrictions regarding licensing for your indoor playground.

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