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Excellent Children are Educated in This Way

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There are three kinds of education in one's life: family education, school education and social education. The most important thing for a child is family education at the beginning of life. To educate children correctly, parents need to form correct parenting concepts, master appropriate educational methods and make rational use of educational resources.
There are three types of problems in children's growth:
1. Children always say "no". They love beating people, robbing toys, recognizing reason, being afraid of strangers and being successful... "This is a reminder to parents that a child's abilities are in a sensitive period of optimum development."
2. Do not like reading, TV fans, wayward, self-confident, afraid of difficulties... This is because children are guided by incorrect behavior or environmental impact.
3. Look in the mirror, go home, graffiti, talk to yourself, like praise... This is actually a sign that a child's ability has entered a sensitive period.

The importance of family education:
1. Family is the first school for children, and parents are the first teachers for children.
2. Family education is the starting point and basis of educating children.
3. Good family education is a necessary condition for the success of children.
4. Good family education is the catalyst to optimize children's mind.
5. The quality of family education will directly affect children's life!!

Professor Davis, a well-known psychologist at Harvard University, has tracked nearly 1,000 successful and unsuccessful people. His research shows that success and failure in life are directly related to family education. Because family is the most important place to educate children, parents are the best teachers to educate children, they play a decisive role in the growth of children. Therefore, only if parents have mastered the scientific method of family education, can children grow up healthily and happily. Parents are children's first teachers. Therefore, as a parent, we should not only have certain cultural knowledge, but also rich knowledge of family education. Many children can not grow up healthily, the main reason is that parents'family education is not appropriate. It is the duty of parents to master certain family education knowledge. So, how can parents acquire rich family education knowledge?

One of the compulsory reading for tutors: What should parents do during the entrance examination?
With the approaching of the college entrance examination, more and more students come to see a doctor because of excessive learning pressure, dizziness and headache. There are even many parents who are anxious and insomniac because their children are facing the college entrance examination and the high school entrance examination. Here, experts suggest that parents of candidates, the test is not only a contest of children's learning ability, but also a test of whether they understand their children and know how to support their children.
Family education must read two: winter and summer vacation, how to let children science through?
Every year after the winter and summer vacation, teachers and parents always find an interesting phenomenon: some children gain a lot of weight during the winter and summer vacation, but become "stupid" in the new semester after gaining weight. Not only can not adapt to the new curriculum learning, performance decline, many students'personality and learning ability have also changed significantly. In fact, the reason why children do this is to a large extent inseparable from their holiday diet, work and rest, play and so on. Educational experts especially warn that after "games winter and summer vacation", "eating and drinking winter and summer vacation", "TV winter and summer vacation", "happy winter and summer vacation", be careful not to let them become "dumb" at the beginning of school...
Home Education Necessary Reading 3: The Best Time for Five Kids to Educate
As we all know, we should pay attention to the time when we do everything, so that we can get twice the result with half the effort. Similarly, we should pay attention to the time when we educate our children. The so-called educational opportunity is that parents should choose and use the most appropriate educational methods and means according to their children's psychological characteristics, and carry out education in the most effective and effective time. But what is the best time to educate children? What about being a parent?
Fourth, parents must read: Should parents accompany their children to study and do homework?
"It's like learning for me." A pupil's parents said that as long as the parents were not sitting around, the children would write their homework very slowly and make small movements from time to time. For this reason, every day after dinner, she had to sit at her desk with her children and supervise their homework. As a result, she and her children were very tired...
Family Education Fifth: Do you know how to educate children correctly?
Attaching importance to children's education, parents must learn to educate their children's knowledge and really know how to educate their children. That is to say, parents should have correct educational ideas, scientific educational methods and strong educational ability. Especially for families with only children, it is the first time to educate their children and lack experience. Therefore, we must earnestly learn from the successful experience of others and make our own plans to educate our children.
Teacher 6: Do you have the nine most common mistakes parents make?
Educating children has always been a major event in life, affecting the hearts of tens of millions of parents, because children are the continuation of our lives, life is a hundred years, fleeting. With children, our wishes and our ideals, we can pass on our children and grandchildren for a long time, such as accumulated salaries, rising to the next level, and constantly open up new glorious fields. However, educating children has the following six wrong attitudes, many parents will unconsciously make repeated mistakes...
Seven Good Ways to Shape Children's Good Character
Some people say that character determines fate. Although not necessarily right, but there is some truth, a person's character is formed at a very young age, in order to let our children have a good character, how parents should be raised from an early age, the following strategies may be for your reference.
The Eighth Required Reading for Family Education: Ten Common Situations of Parents'Overmanagement
Most parents devote most of their emotions to their children. But in many cases, parents'methods of discipline have adverse consequences. The latest research by American scholars shows that if parents have the following ten behaviors, it is likely that parents' methods of education are inappropriate.
Family Education 9: 28 Golden Suggestions for Parents
Parents are very clear that our traditional concept of child-rearing has been greatly impacted in the family education today. Because the environment of children's growth has changed a lot. I remember that when I was a child, I hardly had any pressure to learn. I study very easily every day. Unlike today's children, I have been under a heavy burden of learning since birth, such as early education, kindergartens, special interest classes and elementary schools. Here we gather the opinions and suggestions of many educational experts and parents, and list 28 practical family education suggestions, hoping to help parents.
Ten Necessary Readings for Family Teachers: Nine Ways to Cultivate Children's Good Habits
No one can grow up without education, which is to cultivate people's good habits. Family is the best classroom for education, and parents are the most important teachers for children. Parents'first duty is to educate their children. The first thing to teach children is to cultivate their good habits. Educating children begins with being a good parent. To be a good parent, we should start with cultivation.

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