What are five key things to know before investing in an adventure park?
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What are five key things to know before investing in an adventure park?

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What are five key things to know before investing in an adventure park? 


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In the 1990s, the concept of tree adventure sports was proposed by a French mountaineering expert, and now there are more than 650 tree adventure parks in France. 

After 2005, the Europa Tree Adventure Park has grown rapidly and spread like crazy all over the world.

Adventure Park in the Trees was originally created to appeal to the sporty, thrill-seeking crowd. 

Today's adventure parks are more welcoming families and the general public to relax and unwind. 

The new generation of customers has very strict requirements for safety and safety measures, so safety regulations are gradually standardized, 

and customers can now ensure the safety of their entire adventure through the continuous lifeline safety system. Customers can connect to lifelines from the start, 

without the need for traditional autonomous security systems.


From autonomous to passive safety protection expedition equipment, ALTUS is the world's first specialist to invent the pulley continuous tether safety system.

1. What is a high ropes adventure project?

"Tree Adventure" or "High-altitude Forest Adventure" is a high-altitude rope adventure that combines fun and sports. The project can be built in the natural environment, in special locations (such as abandoned city walls), on artificial pillars (if there are no supportables), and even indoors.


2. The market crowd of high-altitude rope adventure projects

High ropes expeditions appeal to businesses as well as the general public. It is suitable for a wide range of people, including children over 3 years old, 

adults with various physical conditions, families, tourists, and groups. 

For corporate team building, student research, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, family dinners or just friends gathering, Flyover Jungle Adventure Park is the best choice. 

You can participate as long as you can climb the rope ladder.


3. Attraction point of high-altitude rope adventure project

It's fun, challenging, and exciting outdoors. No matter what age you are, you can share fun activities with family, friends or colleagues. 

This sport does not need to be trained in advance. It only takes 10 minutes of training on site to experience it safely. 

The route is carried out independently under the supervision of the coach.


4. Reasons to invest in high ropes adventures

This is a potential business opportunity that requires long-term investment. The annual passenger flow can reach 10,000 to 100,000. 

The return on investment is relatively fast, and the basic 2-3 years can pay back the capital. 

It is also a very satisfying business tool: users are happy because they have had a good time and an exciting experience. 

And we only need very few employees. With our koala pulleys, maintenance costs are extremely low but pass rates are extremely high.


5. How to start an adventure rides project

First, you can conduct a preliminary communication with Pokiddo Exploration Technology to analyze the overall feasibility of the project:

the value and obstacles of the project location; the basic idea of the expedition project; local laws and regulations; 

products with similar competition or complementarity; infrastructure and supporting facilities Facilities; Economic, Technical and Administrative Studies. 

Secondly, the designer is invited to go to the site to do a survey and provide project proposals according to the survey situation. 

If the project proposal is approved, the French professional designer will give the design drawing, and then you can enter the contract process with the pokiddo exploration technology. According to the contract requirements, we prepare all production, transportation, on-site installation and construction. 

After the construction of the project, the third-party testing agency will test and provide the EU safety standard inspection certificate. 

After that, we will provide 3 days of rescue operation training. 

The entire project needs to be reserved for 5-7 months from the initial communication to the final implementation, but in any case, Pokiddo Exploration Technology will always accompany your entire project.


When investing in a high ropes adventure park, the most important thing is the customer's experience and the operator's comfort when the safety level is the same. 

The customer's sense of experience is reflected in the design, the use of safety equipment and the content of the line level. 

And the way to make operators feel comfortable is to reduce operating costs, enhance safety performance, and reduce maintenance costs. 

Please believe that Pokiddo, together with the world's top design and builder ALTUS and the advanced koala pulley safety system, will make your project unique, profitable and valuable.

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