How to install skiing slide? (A)
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How to install skiing slide? (A)

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How to install skiing slide?

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 and install.

Tubby slide or dry skiing slope is more and more popular these days.

About the following case, it was exported to Australia.

1st our customer sent us the length and width and height .

And also some videos he wants to show us.

customer sent us 


2nd  Thats really crazy ! They want to ski and jump into the water !!!

But also very cool, I watched the video he sent us , and we tried our best to make this crazy project out!!

3rd  Design of the skiing slope -------we modified more than 8 times of the design for the skiing slope frame design.

Just to show you some of them:

This is the very 1st work of the skiing slope, what do you think ?

first design of the tubby slide 

Anyway customer said : NOPE !

We discussed for more than 5 times by video talk and modified a lot especially about the size !!

Anyway, the following is the first confirmed size :

size design of the tubby slide


And the following is the final final confirmation of the sizes. 


To be Continued...

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