How to build your own dry skiing slope for commercial use?
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How to build your own dry skiing slope for commercial use?

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About dry ski , one of our friend from Vietnam have many questions, I think these are very great FAQ about dry skiing project, to help her team read and understand the information better, I wrote this article .

 Thanks for your great questions, and ----

The following are the answers to your 10 questions:


1.        Could you please share us video of dry ski which you installed in previous projects?

SURE , We will send you our official website about installed dry ski projects both indoor  and outdoor.

This is a test for dry ski, and you will find this slope is very high and fast , so we need to test it in our factory for many times. This is the style for indoor and also outdoor dry ski. This is for indoor playground.

This is a dry ski slope we made for an Australian customer, he has a group of very professional dry skiing team , and they together ski and jump into a river , I want to thumbs up for his courage, with his ideas, we helped design and produce ,and install the following project.

This is a similar  video he sent me , you can watch it and understand better about his project, he wanted to build this ski jump track for training.  So time was really urgent for us.



This is 2 articles about the project on our official website can make you understand better how this ski jump slope was designed and built and pre-installed in our workshop .

These are  outdoor dry skiing projects :


We have already  24+ this kind of Pokiddo centers in China , which are so popular on Tiktok in China . 

2 .We request 3 tubby slides: two straight 50m & one curved with banks at approx. 70m. Seemingly, Betta Play only propose for 2 straight slides only ?

 DRY SKI SLOPE CURVED 20200215003713

Safety is our priority. Quality is our culture.

1st  We can also provide you the curved dry ski material as the above picture, which is softer than the one we quoted you with 6 angles,  if you insist want to do the curved dry ski tracks with banks, and safety nets to prevent people suddenly come into the track .

 curved dry ski

2nd to be frank, curved dry ski will be more dangerous for a playground owner who is first experience to have a dry ski.  Safety is the NO1  RULE in any  of our playground. The  above  2 players  are in 1 donut , this  is really dangerous.


3rd , why is curved more dangerous ?  Because the   slip rate will be changed for many reasons

1.  Turning  Angle Difference

2 Drop height difference

3 the weight of the player  

4  If the weather is snowy or rainy will also influence the slip rate , some place also have some water equipments to make the skiing flooring much more slippery.


4th So how to control the curved skiing material angle and height ? You need to adjust and change 

Time 1  with just donnut (No player on it to just test for safety for very first time )   Time 2  with player    Time 3 with player and wet on the skiing floor  

Time 3 with a heavy player playing on  wet skiing floor  , test for many times before opening if  have  no problem

The following is a video in which we tested our framework for dry skiing angles for more than 8 times . Safety is our priority, we are not just saying this, we are doing this, every day for each of our project.


3.        How is capacity (many guests) per Donnut?

For safety , usually 1 donnut  . Playing rules must be written on a very catchy place for everyone can see, and when player start to play , please let a trained couch to guarantee the gestures are  all right , otherwise may have some danger .


When the player play , he  need to do the gesture like  the following picture. And before him ready , there needs 1 person to pull him/her to keep safety , then help a little bit to push him /her to start the  Skiing experience.


4. The price is EXW only, could you please add in the shipping to Ho Tram, Vung Tau province, Vietnam?

And add in installation cost? Because, the scope of works should be included the installation as well. This is the first time we make an order this, therefore we can’t make sure that the local company can install this equipment well in Vietnam.



  1. 1.       Can you  ship it to Cat Lai port ?  YES , your ordered items package is around 1 HQ container (Around 68 Cubic Meters ) but sea freight still need to confirmed by the logistic company who are still off  because of the coronavirus. Actually betteplay had the honor to supply playground to more than 55 countries in the world since 2017.





About installation service , we have installation service , which needs to arrange our guys to your place in advance . If you need, we need to book in advance.

If you are interested, I will write another article about installation service for playground in the next article.



5 How long for manufacturing & shipping time?


Manufacturing time is around 20-25 working days. About your project, if don't have any in stock.  Please book  in advance to guarantee your project time line.


6.     How long for warranty? For outdoor skiing flooring, it is plastic made of new material , if under normal use can last for 1-2 years in normal use , for exporting ,   we will send you 2% in advance  as free gifts  in case you will need in the future. Quality is our culture, trust you will love our quality and service.



You can read the reviews on our website, and if you are worried, you can order by trade assurance of alibaba.com , which  means you can get full refund in case of bad quality or late delivery . Bettaplay really appreciate  those who recommend us after purchase our products. Thanks for your trust and support .



7 Have any certificate for this products? 

We have TUV  safety certification for all of our indoor playground products in our Pokiddo FEC, you can download very easily from our website, if you need the link ,please contact us freely. 



Because all of our playground needs to have insurance, and TUV safety certification from Germany is a very professional safety institution for playground .

If you are still worried, you can get a free sample from bettaplay , but the freight needs to be paid by your side. After your order, the express fee will be deducted from the total amount.


8.       Have you have any projects in Vietnam or export to overseas?

Yes , we exported a lot to many countries , like above the project on our link, we even design and exported 1 project with frame for Australian  skiing athletics who gave us that crazy skiing project design idea in 2018 (Without any banks , you see  ?  )

 To Vietnam , we also have indoor playground resellers .

 We will keep our resellers or agent names in secret, thanks for your understanding.


9.       Could you please share more specifications of Dry Ski Flooring & Dry Ski Flooring Handle? Ex: thickness….

Different style is different , i will mark on the updated quotation 



10.   Have you have any requisition for elevation of ground? How height of the elevation to make sure the Donnut can work well & safety?


Like you see all the projects in our videos , we don't have elevation to move the donuts .


1st because , elevation is easy to be damaged  if it has electricity

Because of bad weather ?  Or lighting ? 


2nd  It is dangerous , in our perspective, to move many donuts in 1 time , because we have so many playgrounds , we always consider safety for the  priority .


3rd  Actually , it is of more fun itself if  the players can first pull it up to the platform to go , and then going down . It’s just like any other slides, first you need to try your best to climb up very high and then slide down with so much fun, we all did the same when we were kids.



We think kids can learn patience and teamwork etc. through his or her effort and experience of pulling the donut / skiing tubby together to the right place. Family can  have much more fun and chance to do this together .  To be frank, most  project in China only have a going up track with artificial grasses .  



And actually the donut is not very heavy, my kids BONNIE AND ANDY are 8 and 6 , they can move the skiing tubby easily from the bottom to the READY TO GO PLACE in Pokiddo Playground .  If the slope going up is smooth (With artificial grasses ), it is also much fun for kids or family to move it together to the ready to go place.



4th Don't worry , you will even find less people lining up there waiting , which is boring , because everyone is busy with pulling the tubby or rolling the tubby !!!



Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price 




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