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How to Installation indoor playground

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Betta Indoor Playground Installation Instruction Details for XXX Project 1  


You are suggested to install a smaller project (2-3 level)first before you start this 5-level project.

Because this project will be 5-levels. You are suggested to wear helmet to keep safe.

And please notice the following  points:


1. Because this project is very high, to make the installation easier, every catcher (like the following pictures)was fixed to the posts for you , please dont take off or move the catchers to make the installation process easier.

2. The catchers on the posts will lead you to finish the whole project.


3. The First level Vertical posts are marked with A1. B1. C1. etc. The vertical posts are the most important, plz first get A1---B1-A2-B2 vertical posts fixed and then it will be very easy for you to find the A2-A3, C1-C2, and B2-C2, etc....by the catchers

4. Note: the catchers in the first floor its screw hole must face up.


5. About the crossing bars , all of them are standard 118cm long.

And Only the top crossing bars are marked with like A1-A2,

   A1-B1 and the rest of the crossing bars are without any marks, because they are all the same.


6. The following are the real photos of the installed project. 






7.:The final frame will looks like the above pictures, double check the frame and pipe and every screw to make sure there is no mistake.

8. For the rest,

Firstly,install plastic parts, PVC ball pool.

secondly, install safety net.

Third, put the soft play inside.

Finally, the EVA mat.

For the rest , please refer to our guiding video of indoor playground installation attached for you. 

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