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What Are The Benefits For Children To Play Outdoors

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    Over the past 10 years, the number of children staying outdoors after school has declined by 14% nationwide, mainly due to parents'concerns about children's safety outside and children's been spending too much time on schoolwork and talent learning. However, studies have shown that if you want to cultivate a happy child, a good student, and a useful person, the results of all studies point to the same conclusion, which is "out of doors".


    So what are the major benefits of playing outside for children? Here are some aspects that children can get from outdoor playing!

    Firstly, it can improve the academic work. 

    Many parents want their children to be ahead of the starting point of learning, but neglect that outdoor activities can cultivate children's curiosity, creativity, as well as the ability of art, science, technology and so on. In 2016, 24 health and Sport researchers from eight countries (including Canada) issued a joint statement assuring parents and teachers that physical activity is absolutely helpful to cognition, not only does it not affect schoolwork, but also enhances learning ability.

    Secondly, it can improving sleep quality.

    One third of school-age children in China do not get enough sleep every day due to excessive indoor sedentary activities and excessive use of 3C screens. A 2016 study also pointed out that when children aged 2 to 5 use too many electronic products, they will shorten their sleeping time at night, leading to hyperactivity, depression, obesity, stunting and low IQ scores. But there is a simple solution: more outdoor activities. Sun exposure helps regulate sleep patterns, while physical activity helps children sleep longer and better.

    Third, childen will feel happier.

    In 2012, Nova Scotia, Canada, launched an activity requiring daycare centers to increase outdoor activities for children. After a period of time, it was discovered that children and teachers were happier. Researchers at the University of British Columbia report that a reduction in outdoor activities and overprotection of children can cause mental damage to children. If we give children more outdoor time and freedom, we will find that children's stress, self-esteem, self-discipline and well-being will improve.

    Fourth,Reducing ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

    In 2008, researchers at the University of Illinois conducted a study of 96 children with ADHD. They found that park activities had the same effect on ADHD children as a dose of Ritalin. Studies have shown that park activities can help ADHD children reduce drug doses, restore appetite and improve sleep quality.

   Fifth, it can reduce bullying situation.

   The Principal of Chester Primary School in Toronto, Canada, has increased outdoor activities for school children and has set three rules:  Play as much as you can, accept each other and be safe. It was found that many students who needed teachers'special attention became more interested in sharing with their classmates than bullying.

    Therefore, to have a sound physical and mental development, parents should let them play freely outdoors!

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