Pokisddo Outdoor Adventure Expansion Park Project - Adventure Tower
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Pokisddo Outdoor Adventure Expansion Park Project - Adventure Tower

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Pokisddo Outdoor Adventure Expansion Park Project - Adventure Tower

In addition to jumping through the jungle, the outdoor adventure tower is also an exciting choice for outdoor adventure projects. It integrates various equipment such as rock climbing, downhill, and zipline. The game in the virtual game world seems to come to real life. Playing Adventure Tower is like a game in which each of us is the protagonist.

The Adventure Tower is also known as the High Rope Project, and the idea of the hexagonal shape comes from ice crystals. The project is a new type of outdoor experience project, originated in Europe, and has been implemented in more than 20 countries and regions such as France, the United States, and Japan.

Diversified business solutions

Expansion of indoor climbing room and sports equipments

Complement existing recreational parks and playgrounds

A unique summer experience in a winter sports venue

Activities and sports in hotels, schools or public equipments

Unique attraction in shopping malls

Leisure projects in town parks and public facilities

Diversified applications

Fun & Activities: Family Fun for All Ages

Sports & Training: Demanding, challenging climbing elements

Education & Team Building: Company and Group Activities

1. The area of the Adventure Tower

Generally speaking, adventure towers can be divided into micro-adventure towers, mini-adventure towers, and medium-sized adventure towers according to their area. The area ranges from 100 to 2000 square meters. One of the floors can be as high as 5 meters, and the total height can range from 15-20 meters. It is very spectacular to look up from the ground. Some scenic spots, forests and parks can be built, and the profits in the later period are also very considerable.


1.2 micro-adventure towers

The smallest available adventure tower system, with a diamond-shaped layout, can be built up to three levels and can accommodate 20 people at the same time. The low footprint greatly reduces the required investment and management costs, and the system can be expanded at any time.


2.2 mini-adventure towers

The Mini Adventure Tower System provides space for up to 50 visitors on two to three floors and is an ideal solution for smaller venues.

Fewer climbing platforms, smaller footprint reduces management costs and saves investment. The system can then be retrofitted or expanded.


3.2 Medium Adventure Tower

The most popular intermediate sizes include 10-pole systems for up to 75 visitors and 13-pole systems for up to 100 visitors. In this way, it is ensured that space is used efficiently and that product capacity is perfectly matched to the location.


2.Application of Adventure Tower in Expanding Scenarios

The Adventure Tower system offers the possibility to expand the use of the climbing park with different elements. Accessories such as cranes or peer control systems support the operator's day-to-day operations; audio systems; other equipment rich in the visitor experience, contribute to shade and provide leisure.


2.1 Platform Composition of Adventure Tower

Ground Platform

The ground platform with a corresponding substructure is perfectly suited as a place to guide climbing visitors. In addition, the ground platform can be used as a venue for parties or other events in the high ropes park.

 Activity Platform

The activity platform can be used for a variety of purposes, whether as a viewing point for tourists or as a resting point for climbers.Depending on how the tower is climbed, it can be integrated as a second, third, or even a fourth floor, and at the same time as a canopy. As an event venue, it perfectly shows its potential and generates additional income.

      2.2 Adventure Tower Entertainment System


      Sound system

The integrated sound system brings music enjoyment to visitors and can also play announcements for visitors. Waterproof speakers are installed on each pillar of the equipment to ensure sound diffusion.


     Searchlight lighting system

The searchlight lighting system allows operators to extend their opening hours and carry out special projects, such as "climbing under the stars" or "climbing after get off work", so as to obtain more income.


     2.3 Rain and sun protection for Adventure Tower

Each expedition tower system can be fully or partially canopied and, according to specific specifications, provide visitors with sun and rain protection. There are many ways to add a canopy, from a simple awning to a self-retracting canopy.


     2.4 Adventure tower access control system

The access control system ensures that only participants who have properly buckled the safety system can enter the climbing area. The revolving door is only accessible after the two safety loops are fastened on the safety rope, so that it can be properly protected and move autonomously in the climbing area. Unprotected or improperly protected participants and visitors without climbing seat belts will not be able to pass.

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