The tips about maintainance of Regular Customers in Trampoline Park
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The tips about maintainance of Regular Customers in Trampoline Park

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The tips about maintainance of Regular Customers in Trampoline Park

In recent years, the hot market of trampoline parks has attracted the attention of many investors. The so-called "laymen watch the excitement, experts watch the doorway", behind the bustling industry scene, in fact, every step is "deep like the sea". Today, the professional trampoline manufacturer Pokiddo wants to share with you how to keep the source of customers during the operation of the trampoline park?

First, the addition of new trampoline equipment

Regardless of whether your venue already has strong competitiveness, it is very necessary to keep up with the trend of the times and develop and update the trampoline equipment in the venue in a timely manner. The advancement of social technology has made the tricks and gameplay of equipment emerge in an endless stream, and the old equipment must be updated in time. A good play experience is the core of attracting players' attention, and it also has a positive impact on the park's customer accumulation and long-term development.


Second,do a good job in the maintenance and cleaning of trampoline equipment

 Maintenance of trampoline equipment after use is also very necessary. Let me ask, in a playground without even basic security, who would pay for it?

 There are many equipment in the trampoline park that need regular inspection and maintenance, especially various connecting parts and reinforcement parts to avoid loosening of screws; parts such as rotating bearings should be checked for their lubricity and whether their load-bearing capacity meets the requirements Safety standard requirements, etc.; in addition, whether the raw materials used in the equipment are safe and environmentally friendly is also very important, and the large odor itself is a great harm to the player's body.

 Safety is even more of a priority when it comes to equipment for kids to play with. The child's body is in the developmental stage, and the resistance and immunity are very weak. Dirt can easily infect children and induce other illnesses and discomforts. Therefore, trampoline park investors should urge employees to ensure that the daily cleaning, disinfection and general cleaning of equipment are in place.


Third,Do a good job in the training of trampoline park employees

The trampoline park should strengthen the training of trampoline hall staff, train the staff, and strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. The staff should be patient and serve with a smile. Hire staff with professional trampoline knowledge and skills. This can provide professional guidance and protection during customer experience, provide customers with professional trampoline demonstrations, and also allow employees to deal with emergencies calmly, providing customers with a good experience.

Strengthening the knowledge training of employees, in terms of movement theory, corresponding tutoring courses can also be set up in the future, which is also one of the income channels of the park.


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