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One-stop solution about The lite brite Wall

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    The first Lite-Brite was invented by Burt Meyer and Joseph M. Burck of Chicago toy and game design firm Marvin Glass and Associates, which licensed the invention to Hasbro. The Lite-Brite was named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Toys of All Time and was named a 2020 finalist in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

    Traditional Lite-Brite allows artists to create glowing pictures by stamping multi-colored translucent plastic pegs on opaque black paper. With a standard light bulb, the black paper blocks the light except where the nails conduct the light. When lit, the nails look similar to LEDs.

    The Lite-Brite comes in eight hook colors: red, blue, orange, white (clear/colorless), green, yellow, pink and violet (purple). Hasbro will provide refills and/or new colors if the nails are lost or damaged.

lite brite

    Because traditional Lite-Brite punching the nails punches out letters, each sheet can only be used once. But over the years, Lite-Brite has been available in different forms, including a flat-screen version, a 3D cube, and an FX version that spins and plays music.

    The Lite-Brite LED flat screen comes in a variety of colors, features LED lighting for easy portability, and is powered by three AA batteries. The Lite-Brite 3D Cube (called the Quad Sharing Cube) is an LED-lit, four-sided cube that lets kids play with friends or save their three designs.


    The large-scale Lite-Brite launched by our company uses each 60*60cm ABS injection panel or PE panel as the background, which can form a wall of several meters or even dozens of meters, giving children a free space to play.


    Each 60*60cm panel will be equipped with 50-80 φ2.3cm acrylic rods, and children can insert the acrylic rods into the small holes on the panel to form various graphics. Because acrylic sticks can be used over and over, our Lite-Brite will last unless the wall is damaged.


    Each 60*60cm panel is inlaid with LED light tubes. The black panels and shiny light tubes ensure that when children insert acrylic sticks of various colors into the small holes, the resulting picture can be very bright and beautiful.


before buying

    Measure the length and height of the wall where the Lite-Brite Wall needs to be placed, and make sure the wall is thick enough to use expansion screws.

When purchasing

    Tell me what size Lite-Brite you need and I'll pick the right number of panels for you. And solve all your questions through pictures and videos to ensure that you can fully and clearly understand our products.

    After we determine the number of blocks, please tell me your port, name, mobile number, mail number and specific address, I will make a PI for you to confirm the price and various details.

    After you confirm that the PI is correct, I will make a payment link for you to pay.

construction period and transportation

    The construction period of this product is about 15-20 days. During the production process of the goods, I will send you pictures to report the production progress to you. When the goods are finished, I will send you pictures and videos so that you can confirm the product and details. , and then we will pack the goods ready to ship.


    When the goods are dispatched, we will pack the panels in wooden boxes to ensure that they are damaged as little as possible during transportation.

    If you only need a few panels, then it is inevitable to take bulk cargo transportation, which will greatly increase the possibility of damage to the goods, so I recommend you to buy an insurance to ensure that your goods are damaged to the greatest extent. compensation.


    The installation of this product is very simple. When you receive the goods, you only need to fix the LED tube in the panel, and then arrange the panel and fix it on the wall once.

    If you encounter any problems during the installation process, we will provide video tutorials and professional guidance throughout the process, so don't worry about installation.

   If you have any questions or intrested in Large Lite-Brite Wall,please contact me!

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