Maersk warns Shanghai city lockdown to boost transport costs further
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Maersk warns Shanghai city lockdown to boost transport costs further

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Maersk warns Shanghai city lockdown to boost transport costs further


Recently many customers who are importing playground from china asked us this same question , what is the sea fregiht trend after SHANGHAI lockdown ? Well the following is some shipping company 's article for your reference.


The following 1st article is from the Reuters website. March 29th News 


SHANGHAI, March 29 (Reuters) - Danish shipper Maersk said the Shanghai lockdown will severely hurt trucking services and increase transport costs, as China's intensifying efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19 further rattles global supply chains.

The Chinese coastal city, home to some of the world's busiest sea and airports, began locking down half of the city on Monday and intends to do the same to the other half for four days starting Friday in a two-stage testing exercise.

While it has kept its airports and deepwater port open, it has imposed stringent movement curbs, barring unapproved vehicles from streets and telling millions of people not to leave their homes.

"Trucking service in and out (of) Shanghai will be severely impacted by 30% due to a full lockdown on Shanghai's Pudong and Puxi areas in turn until 5th April," Maersk, the world's second-largest container shipping company, said in an advisory to clients on Monday.

It adding that warehouses in Shanghai would be closed until Friday.

"Consequently, there will be longer delivery time and a possible rise in transport costs such as detour fee and highway fee."

SEKO Logistics, a U.S.-based freight transport and warehousing company, said factories in the neighbouring province of Zhejiang were opting to move cargo out of Ningbo's port, rather than Shanghai.

"We are anticipating: a sharp increase in air freight rates from today. We have already received some sky-high offers for enquires to Europe so far today," it said on its website.

China is battling its largest number of COVID-19 infections since the onset of since the country's initial outbreak receded in early 2020. This month it placed lockdowns on other manufacturing exports hubs such as Changchun and Shenzhen, which gave rise to lengthening queues outside major Chinese ports. 

Although curbs in Changchun have remained in place, they have been relaxed in Shenzhen, where businesses and factories were allowed to resume operations on March 21.

However, a survey conducted by a state newspaper found Shenzhen's "war" on COVID-19 has hurt up to 93% of local small and medium-sized companies, with many suffering production disruptions because of shutdowns, interruptions in supply chains, and delays in order executions.

According to Bettaplay 's exporting experience , usually this kind of lock down would for sure cause rise of the cost , 

1st is lockdown would make the near port such as Ningbo very crowed 

2nd is more people needs to get tested because once they come from Shanghai they would be asked to do test everyday whenever they need to go the fetch the container 

3rd is shutting down would make everything move very slowly , booking ship ,booking container , booking driver ---time cosuming would be longer 

As a result , the sea freight would be going up after Shanghai lockdown

So our suggestions is that plan everything earlier to avoid big influence for your importing plan. 

The following is sea freight rate index from freighto data , hopefully it is useful for you .

freightos data 2022 sea freight index April

freightos yearlys sea freight index 

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