Pokiddo Commercial Indoor Trampoline Park Indoor Sports Playground Adults Fun Park Equipment for Indoor Playground
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Pokiddo Commercial Indoor Trampoline Park Indoor Sports Playground Adults Fun Park Equipment for Indoor Playground

Commercial Trampoline Park is a way for people of all ages to spend a good time. Pokiddo is a trampoline park manufacturer, and make a customized design.Pokiddo indoor trampoline park provides the most space to bounce, spin, jump and flip.Our indoor trampoline park features attractions for any age group and party space.

Pokiddo Commercial Indoor Trampoline Park in Hangzhou      

        Hangzhou Pokiddo Magic trampoline park is one of our largest franchise trampoline park in China. It's a high-end complex amusement park suited for kids and young adults. You will enjoy most popular indoor fun games here, for example, funny trampoline boxing, thrilling jump tower, exciting donut slide, novel astroball climbing, etc. Pokiddo Magic Trampoline Park can be called a paradise for sports enthusiasts.

Trampoline sports are very popular in the lives of adults and children.Because it can bring many health benefits.As follows:

Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

Jumping on a trampoline not only gives the kids and adults several hours of entertainment.They can also provide effective trampoline sports, and are nearly 70% more effective than other forms of rigorous cardiovascular exercise —— such as jogging, running, or cycling.we should elaborate on it some more:

For Children's Growth

1. Heart health –  Trampoline provides your child with a good cardio exercise that leads to a stronger heart.

2. Bone health –  Trampoline exercise can increase your height.Trampoline movement can enhance the function of the child's body organ system, and make the child physically strong.At the same time, trampoline movement plays a mechanical stimulation of the bone.Therefore, it can promote bone growth acceleration, so that the child's height will increase.


3. Muscle strength   Trampoline exercises can exercise children's limbs and increase muscle strength.With a series of conditioning training on the trampoline, children through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, in the brain center to establish a connection, can make children's movement become sensitive, muscle become strengthen.

4.  Nervous system development – Trampoline movement can promote nervous system development.A variety of pattern movements on the trampoline, can make the child from disorderly movements, gradually form and develop into differentiated, purposeful, coordinated movements, which is a good regulation of the nervous system.


For Adult's Growth

1.strengthen human immunity  Trampoline is a very good aerobic exercise that can promote blood circulation and improve human immunity.

2.Maintain body weight  To prevent or reduce obesity, the relatively large trampoline activity than ordinary jogging is a very good exercise that consumes calories. Data show that jumping for ten minutes on trampoline is equivalent to the calories consumed for half an hour.

3. Mental health  Jumping on trampoline parks makes you feel happy and releases the pressure in work and life. Mental health is just as important as physical health.


Pokiddo offers a range of trampolines suitable for both adults and children. Looking forward to your joint!!!

Largest Pokiddo Magic Trampoline Park in Hangzhou


【Internet celebrity check-in photo wall】--record the beautiful moment


Beehive Trampoline】--Cute in shape and rich in color, it is very popular with children and fairies.


【Free Bounce Parkour Area】--It is generally designed at the entrance of the trampoline area. After warming up, you can spin and jump, and then jump with joy. If you feel that the free bounce area is not challenging enough, you can add soft obstacles to jump here and increase the difficulty.


【Patting lights】--1 VS1 battle or 2 vs 2 battle, fast and furious game, with a tense sound effect background, what is required is fast eyes and hands. It can not only move the muscles and bones, but also develop the left and right brains.


【Populart Trampoline Spider Wall】--Jumping and sticking to the magic wall of the software is very exciting.  As long as the posture is handsome, all friends around you loves it.The spider wall is a good project that people can't help but love!


【Fancy slam dunk area】--Use the rebound force of the trampoline to jump up and throw the ball into the basket, the player can experience the freedom and pleasure of leaping.


【Professional Trampoline + Sponge Pool Diving】--The professional trampoline with stronger and higher elasticity. Here, you can play a variety of difficult aerial movements, paired with kicking the wall, and experience the life of flying over the eaves and walls. If you want to dive, somersault, and long jump, just throw yourself into the embrace of the sponge pool, it is a super decompression artifact!


【Sponge pool confrontation】--just let the other side safely throw into the soft sponge pool, and prove who is the undefeated strong!


[Popular Shaking Bridge]--The popular entertainment project on the Douyin platform has introduced the trampoline park project.Try your best to shake others into sponge pool.


【Super Boxing Trampoline Arena】--Put on super big boxing gloves, explode your small universe, attack your opponent!!Be careful with your fists, and be careful of the trampoline under your feet, otherwise,you will not be knocked down by your opponent, but will fall into the arms of the trampoline. 


【Dodge ball area】--The props used are air volleyballs (soft, even if they are smashed, it will not hurt), which is a perfect integration of the rebound of the trampoline. It is a competitive trampoline team fight game with combination of fun and cooperation. 



Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about playground,that’s great,because we want to provide answers! Below you will find most of the typical questions we get asked regarding playground and recreation projects. Of course if you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to your recreation consultant, or our friendly customer service staff.

About Customized Design

1. If I want customized design, what should I provide?

We need your exact location size and you’d better provide CAD drawing in DWG format.

2. How to install the trampoline park? Do you  provide installation service?
We will provide you professional detailed installation drawings for your reference. Besides, our professional installation team can also provide you installation serive.

3. How long does the equpiment generally take from design to installation?
Generally it will take 1-2 months.
Area less than 200sqm: 15-20days;
200-1000sqm: 25-30days;
Above 1000sqm: please confirm delivery time with us.

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