Bettaplay New Design Amusement Park Children Small Indoor Playground Equipment
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Bettaplay New Design Amusement Park Children Small Indoor Playground Equipment




Project Briefing

Indoor playground
Usage School, family room, KFC, super market, mall, amusement park and education organizations,Family. etc.

1)Plastic parts: LLDPE
2)Post: galvanized pipe with PVC foam coated

3)Soft parts: innermost: wood, middle: sponge , outmost: PVC

4)Mat:EVA,different sizes and colors for your selection

Components Plastic slide,tube,galvanized pipe,PVC foam,soft toys,mat etc

Professional CAD instruction, Installation Video,assembly

procedure and project case.

Design According to the requirement and the size, free design


Detail-05 Detail-06 Detail-07 Detail-08



Q: How can I get satisfied indoor playground?
Please provide us a CAD file or a simple drawing, the play area with precise dimensions, theme and color you prefer, etc. Our engineer will provide us design sketch according your information, and will revise until you satisfied.

Q: Is it difficult to install? Do you have installation manual? Or do you send your own workers over to help install the playground? What’s the cost?
For the small playground, it’s easy to install. The installation manual will be sent when the playground is completed.
If you found it’s difficult to install, just tell us. We will be glad to be at your service, the installation cost will be stated clearly in our sales contact if you need it.

Q:What is the standard floor height for indoor playground? What is the limit for the height?
The standard floor height of indoor playground would choose to install it themselves or have 1-2 installers from
Bettaplay/QQ install the structure for them with the help of some local workers.For larger playgrounds, usually the customers who hire 2 to 4 installers from Bettaplay/QQ to install the playground and hire a few local workers to provide some extra help.

Q: What is the age range for indoor playground?
In order to meet the needs of kids in the different age range,and consider the safety,generally indoor playground should be divided into two areas:one is the toddler area which is suitable for 1-3 years old kids,and the other is the main function area which is suitable for 3-12 years old kids.

Q: How much does it cost to open a naughty castle?
1. How big is the area of the naughty castle? Before this, you have already taken a good look at the venue. Generally like the ones in supermarkets and shopping centers, ranging from tens to hundreds of square meters, you need to consider the length, and height of the site, and you need to know what kind of theme and specific amusement equipment customers like before you can estimate the price.
2. The amusement equipment in the naughty castle, one is the traditional, static facilities, the general cost is very low, but the interaction is low, the children's love is not very high, the other is the electric equipment, although this type of equipment The cost is high, but it is highly interactive and interesting, and children will love it very much, thus forming an attraction, so that children will want to choose to come back to play again.
3. On the issue of site selection, it is recommended to operate indoor naughty castle amusement equipment in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc. Popularity determines the status of future operations, so the location must be selected well. When selecting a site, it is necessary to conduct an assessment of the flow of people around the site and the surrounding business prospects.

Q,what's your payment term ?
T/T, Our normal payment term is 30% as deposit, balance before loading.
For large order, we accept L/C.
For trial order about some play parts, we accept western union, paypal or cash.

Q, How can I place order ?

Sign contract-- Pay deposit -- Production-- Pay balance--loading -- delivery

Q, What's your delivery time ?
It is based on the quantity you order. But normally, our production time is 14 work-days.

Q: Do you have the project in our country we can have a check?
A: BETTA have already many successful playground project around the world, contact us freely for the already done project case close to your home now.

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