Pokiddo Magic Space Yuhang Store】Even if you are in the human world, you can also come to a "magic" crossing
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Pokiddo Magic Space Yuhang Store】Even if you are in the human world, you can also come to a "magic" crossing

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    Pokiddo Magic Space Trampoline Park landed in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City

    Area: 9000 square meters

   Floor height: 12 meters in some areas; 6 meters in some areas

Project Background

In September 2019, the Pocket House family opened their second indoor high-end theme park in Hangzhou. He is located at No. 16, Longquan Road, Future Science and Technology City, Yuhang District. The venue has a scale of 9,000 square meters - Pokiddo Magic Space Yuhang Store.2


The opportunity for cooperation between Magic Space and Pokiddo started from a trampoline park exchange forum. At that time, Mr. Chen had had in-depth exchanges with other companies, but after contacting and understanding our Pokiddo, he was attracted by our professional concepts and rich design presentation effects, and finally decided to cooperate with us.

No matter it is the planning of trampoline equipment or the overall plan of the venue environment; from the preparations before the establishment of the venue to the personnel training or the event planning of the venue after the operation, Pokiddo's meticulous assistance has contributed to the magic space, the production site of the popular Internet celebrity and the holy place for walking babies. birth.

The whole museum integrates sports, fitness, decompression, and entertainment. Douyin 1000W + check in and like, it can be called a paradise for sports lovers!

Project Presentation

 Interactive game:





Rocking bridge:


Challenge the limits of physical fitness and strength

Spider tower:


The elastic "spider silk" accompanies you to challenge gravity,

Devil slide


An interesting combination of a 90° vertical slide and a wave-shaped slide, children and adults alike love Youjia's big "toys".

Dry ski slide:


Even if there are no real snowflakes, you can't miss this "dry snow slide". Once you slide down to the end, it is not worth your effort to climb up.

Spider wall:16

With a jump, you can stick to the soft magic wall smoothly, and the trampoline sticks to the wall, which is a good project to open your mind.

Aerial platform:


As long as you have enough courage, you can make a very handsome trapeze.



Always climb the peak and challenge yourself. Rock climbing has always been a game for the brave, come and experience the thrill of weightlessness and dance a "air ballet"




If you like the feeling of fast speed, you must not miss this kart project. With one foot on the gas pedal and easy steering of the steering wheel, you are the eye-catching boy on this track. Take a few laps to unleash all your hormones. Experience this perfect "racing" journey~

Fancy dunk:


Trampoline Boxing:

Trampoline + Boxing! Dare to challenge in the ring? Put on the giant boxing gloves, and attack your opponent! Be careful with your fists, and be careful with the trampoline under your feet, otherwise, if you are not careful, you will not be knocked down by your opponent, but will fall into the embrace of the trampoline!

Rock climbing:



Climbing equipment is available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. There are artistic climbing walls that can be customized, as well as spherical climbing composed of climbing balls. The difference is the gameplay, the same is the pleasant gaming experience.




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 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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