Bettaplay Custom Design Large Outdoor Trampoline Park Outdoor
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Bettaplay Custom Design Large Outdoor Trampoline Park Outdoor



Project Briefing

Pokiddo ---Jump and touch the SKY !!!

From 2022, outdoor trampoline park is more and more popular after pop up events becomes a trend since 2020 mask epidemic has been influencing the whole world.  Not like indoor trampoline parks, outdoor trampoline parks are synonym for lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety. And they’re so much fun!
Since it was born, trampoline parks were always designed for places of at least 5M net height locations, which are usually chosen near shopping malls , or some warehouse where people can park cars easily etc. , which also means much money , because of the high rent in these places.

Since 2022, Pokiddo as the trampoline park manufacturer , we have got many inquiries from all over the world about outdoor trampoline parks, trampoline park outdoor, giant but high quality trampoline parks, which can be mobile and even pop up in many other places. It means that , new requests about trampoline parks are as following :
Big trampoline park
Without any roof
People are looking for outdoor trampoline parks are resistant to all weather conditions, both high and low temperatures, rain and intense UV rays
It can be easily to be installed and moved from 1 place to another for pop up events or carnivals etc.



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Advantages of Pokiddo outdoor trampoline parks

Pokiddo is always open for new ideas .
Pokiddo not only manufacture trampoline parks , but also runs more than 50 Pokiddo Sports Parks in China and all around the world. We trust that outdoor trampoline parks are great ideas . Because in 2021-2022, China also have trends for outdoor camping , outdoor life . People were really into outdoor open air after all the mask problem since 2020.

Also more reasons for outdoor trampoline parks are as following :
1st For traditional indoor trampoline parks, location choice has always been very difficult .2nd is that if only a small trampoline park with a small roof above is still not what high quality needs customer want . They want outdoor trampoline park something like , when you jump , you can touch the sky . Where kids and family and friends can enjoy jumping and the open air for relaxing .

3rd Over 6 years of experience in manufacturing trampolines for public use, outdoor trampolines, and equipment for trampoline parks allows us to offer you products of premium quality. All our products are produced in our company, so they are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards: ASTM F2970, PAS 5000, EN 13219, EN 913 and EN 1176.

If you also want to build a high quality outdoor trampoline park , with at least 500 SQM size , and no roof at all , contact us freely, let’s make it happen.
You know what , outdoor trampoline parks can be very beautiful and also it is another kind of life !!




Q: How to start trampoline park business?
1, Plan Your outdoor trampoline park.
2,Form your outdoor Trampoline Park into a Legal Entity.
3,Register your outdoor Trampoline Park for Taxes.
4,Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card.
5,Set up Accounting for your outdoor Trampoline Park.
6,Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your outdoor Trampoline Park.
7,Get outdoor Trampoline Park Insurance.
8,Define your outdoor Trampoline Park Brand.
9,Create your outdoor Trampoline Park Website.
10,Set up your Business Phone System.

Q: Who is the target market?

An outdoor trampoline park business’ ideal customer is a family that has active children and discretionary income. Trampolines are a fun way for kids to burn off some energy while having fun, and a family with discretionary income can afford to bring kids to the trampoline park.

Q: How does an outdoor trampoline park make money?
An outdoor trampoline park business makes money by charging guests a fee for a set amount of jump time. Many also rent equipment (e.g. specialized jumping socks) and sell refreshments.

Q: How much can you charge customers?

Outdoor trampoline park businesses typically charge around $10 per hour of jumping time. Rates are slightly higher in high-rent areas, and they may be a little lower in less-populated areas.

Q:How can you make your business more profitable?
An outdoor trampoline park business can increase its profitability by adding concessions and other forms of entertainment.Transforming a facility that’s exclusively dedicated to trampolines into one that’s a trampoline-focused family entertainment venue can double guests’ time in the park and increase revenue by as much as $1 million annually.

Q:Can this set of products be installed by myself ?
A: Yes, you can install it by yourself. We will provide installation drawings. If you encounter problems, our professional
installers will provide online guidance.

Q: How to do the preliminary work before we do trampoline park?
1,Market Research To find how many trampoline park in your city , does it near you or not. How much do they charge.(Or you can tell us your address information we will help you to do it)
2,Find a place with a lot of people. (The place with big parking area, easy for people to shopping ,eating, drinking and etc.)
3,Get the layout. Information floor plan in CAD file on floor plan (Clean length,width,height, Entrance, Column location and size, Place for washing room, coffee, party room etc..)

Q: Do you have the project in our country we can have a check?
A: We have already many successful playground project around the world, contact us freely for the already done project case close to your home now.

Q: what's your payment term ?
A: T/T, Our normal payment term is 30% as deposit, balance before loading. For large order, we accept L/C. For trial order about some play parts, we accept western union, paypal or cash.

Q: What's your delivery time ?
A: 20-45 days to production(According your place size). 28-45 days to shipping.

More information about customers charges, profit and etc contact us.

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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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