How about joining the Pokiddo Indoor Sports Park? How much money does it cost to join the sports park and what services are available
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How about joining the Pokiddo Indoor Sports Park? How much money does it cost to join the sports park and what services are available

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How about joining the Pocket House Indoor Sports Park? How much money does it cost to join the sports park and what services are available?

In this turbulent amusement industry, indoor sports parks are simple, healthy, and full of vitality. At the same time, they meet the diversified needs of different age groups and conform to the core concept of sports and health. Since the "double reduction" policy prevailed, it has promoted the rapid development of indoor parks. Development, the market prospect is immeasurable, more and more entrepreneurs see the opportunity to catch up with the new wave of indoor parks.https://www.pokiddo.com/

pokiddo sports park

Wenzhou Pokiddo Amusement Toys Co., Ltd. https://www.pokiddo.com/is a well-known domestic sports park manufacturer and franchise brand of indoor parks. It is a builder and operation training service provider of indoor sports parks, adventure halls, and amusement park venues. Participated in the European and American Amusement Industry Summit for 15 consecutive years, enjoying the construction cases of more than 1,000 venues and over 600,000 square meters of indoor parks around the world. I have accumulated a lot of experience in the indoor park and sports park industry, so here is also a general analysis of project investment for entrepreneurs who want to invest in sports parks.

There are two forms of Pokiddo joining:

1. Stores that use the equipment produced by Pocket House and use the Pokiddo brand 

2. The venue uses the equipment produced by Pokiddo and selects Pokiddo service for all content output of the venue 

The contents of joining the Pokiddo include site design, brand output, operation training, cash register system

(1) Sports park site design: The graphic design of the venue provided by Pokiddo franchise includes the graphic design of the store before the venue opens, the brand image publicity screen, the holiday poster design, the event publicity design, the venue identification system, etc. The overall environmental design includes door, cashier area, storage area, dining and rest area, party room, toilet, facade wall, construction drawing and cost budget, etc. Fees will be adjusted accordingly.

pokiddo sports park

(2) Sports park brand output: The Pokiddohttps://www.pokiddo.com/ brand has been used for three years, and the area with a radius of 15 kilometers is protected. The use of the brand includes the right to use the trademark of the Pokiddo and the image of the IP series, providing the image design of the sports park, all advertising materials and VI design of the Pokiddo, and creating a high-end brand park for you!

(3) Sports park store operation training: including pre-site preparation, venue team building, staff salary composition and recruitment, venue rules and regulations, planning of opening activities and personnel training, etc. It also includes the output of opening promotional videos and coach training performances, The operation problems encountered during the operation of the venues are timely communicated and dealt with online, the follow-up activities of the stores are supported, and services such as listing and evaluation maintenance on various platforms are followed up to understand and analyze the operating conditions of the stores.

Indoor park operation

(4) The output of the cash register system of the sports park: including the Pokiddo cash register system, dual-channel gates, membership cards and disposable bracelets. The Pokiddo cash register system is a cash register system specially developed according to indoor amusement venues. Sales, the establishment and recharge of online members, and the support of content settlement such as various group building activities, and also support the real-time push of revenue data to relevant responsible persons. , Meituan, Douyin, Ctrip and other online tickets also support the direct verification and use of the Pokiddo cash register system. The system itself adopts the SAAS cloud architecture, and the system is hardware-free and maintenance-free. It only takes 15 minutes to build and go online! Compared with the traditional system on the market, the deployment time is reduced by 2 times, the troubleshooting is reduced by 3 times, and the function upgrade is reduced by 99%. At the same time, through the marketing interaction mechanism, it brings a 30% + turnover increase to the store.

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