HangZhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park The ultimate luxury trampoline theme park
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HangZhou Pokiddo Trampoline Park The ultimate luxury trampoline theme park

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         Pokiddo Trampoline Park Landed in Hangzhou!

 Hangzhou Pokiddo Trampoline Theme Park

 Venue size: 5000 square metersFloor   Height: 8 meters in some areas; 12 meters in some areas


The most  project of the year

Indulge Decompress Vent

Do you think trampolines are just bouncing? it's over?


Pokiddo has N ways waiting for you to unlock it!

Pokiddo Trampoline Theme Park Hangzhou Flagship Store is located in Building 4, Yipu Cultural and Creative Park, Binjiang District (Dongguan 3rd Road, Puyan Street). The venue is also an extremely luxurious trampoline theme park.

The reason why it is called a luxurious trampoline theme park is firstly because it was created by a team of Korean designers introduced by Pokiddo Amusement. It is so meticulous that even the lighting in the venue has a strict design, which is not only comfortable but also has its own soft light. .

Second, the soft foreskin, sponge blocks, trampoline and floor mats used in the whole museum are all flame-retardant materials, and the springs are made of imported piano wire. High quality standard facilities.

Third, the coaching group in the hall is composed of former professional athletes of the national team, who will protect and take care of them throughout the whole process, allowing players to perform the coolest moves in the safest way.


5000+㎡ large venue for you to be free and easy. The most and most in trampoline theme park

Finally! Airborne! Riverside Yipu Cultural and Creative Park

Childlike innocence regardless of age.Trampolines of all sizes .Both adults and children! Riverside Yipu Cultural and Creative Park


Professional trampoline area:

It's here !!!

If you can follow the coach:     "Flying over the Wall"      360 degree aerial rotation  

Of course only if

The national Olympic team is a professional jumper with stronger and higher elasticity. Here, you can play a variety of difficult aerial movements, paired with kicking the wall, and experience the life of flying over the eaves and walls. Want to dive, somersault, or long jump? Then throw yourself into the embrace of the sponge pool, it is a super decompression artifact!


Free trampoline area:

20+ Super Spacious Jump Noodles

jump left jump right

jump up and down


At the entrance of the trampoline area, after warming up, you can spin and jump, and then jump with joy. If you feel that the free bounce area is not challenging enough, you can add soft obstacles to jump here and increase the difficulty.


Trampoline Basketball: before the experience, the feeling of a heartbeat; After the experience, It's a heartwarming feeling !

 Use the rebound force of the trampoline to jump up and throw the ball into the basket, easily transform into an aerial slam dunk master, and experience the freedom and pleasure of leaping. The slam dunk itself is exciting, and with the basketball fire pattern jumping on the surface, it explodes in an instant, how can you resist jumping and dunking?


Spider Wall:

as one of the must-punch items

spider wall

No more introduction needed

A project to experience once in a long queue

Must ✔️



Interactive projection trampoline:

Pokiddo introduces state-of-the-art projection project

Interactive projection trampoline

A clever combination of games and trampolines

After you have experienced it, you will know what it means to be fully engaged in playing games!


rock climbing:8

The indoor art rock climbing is colorful and varied in shape. The Hangzhou store has clouds, balls and cheese, with a height of nearly 8 meters, which is extremely challenging and exciting.


 Dry Ski













Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price 




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