Description of the logo design of the franchised brand Pokiddo in the indoor sports park
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Description of the logo design of the franchised brand Pokiddo in the indoor sports park

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Description of the logo design of the franchised brand Pokiddo in the indoor sports park

Sports park logo design can generally be divided into several types: graphic plus text logo, pure graphic logo, and pure text logo. The text logo includes English and Chinese characters. The logo design of Pocket House, a sports park manufacturer, is a text logo design combining English and Chinese characters. The Pokiddo is not only the logo of POKIDDO , we have also designed different logos for different types of venues. We have a "vitality space" for children's playgrounds, a "trampoline park" that was popular in the past few years, a "sports workshop" for sports + entertainment, a "magic space" for creating magical themes, and an adventure built on trees The route "Koala Jungle" has an adventure tower "City Rubik's Cube" built on a city landmark, and an adventure park "Vertical Park" built in an indoor commercial space. The reason we put so much effort into the different types of venues we build is because we think a logo is the first step in getting people to remember us.

pokiddo logo.jpg

It can be seen from the picture that all our park types and the main logo of the company are text marks. Next, we will take the sports park as an example - "Sports Factory" to explain our logo in detail. , such as why we use text design uniformly, what is the principle of our color usage, and so on.

Sports park logo text design is a design content that people usually pay less attention to, but in fact, font logo design has always appeared around us. The stroke-by-stroke text design seems simple, but it tests the designer's ability even more.

Moreover, the text design is actually easy to register and the cost of dissemination is low. From the perspective of brand protection of indoor sports parks, it is already difficult for a graphic logo to be successfully registered at one time, and it is often possible to obtain registration only after appealing and reconsideration. The text logo only needs to review the brand name. It can also be said that as long as the query of the brand name can be passed, the logo can be registered. From the perspective of communication costs, its elements are single, and its memory point is also single, and the memory point is directly the brand name, so the cost of communication and recognition is the lowest.

Going back to the logo design of Pokiddo, the logo of Pokiddo Indoor Sports Park is very readable and widely spread, so that everyone can remember it immediately. As the symbol of the sports park, its text design is also very in line with the indoor park industry. The sense of connection between words is also very strong, and each word has the feeling of being in motion. Therefore, whether it is in terms of communication and text design, the logo of Pocket House is very good.

Another very important point in the logo design of sports park is the use of color. The use of the color of an enterprise's logo must be combined with the standard color of its VIS, and the correct use of color will make the logo easier to be remembered.

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