The Attentions in Using Trampoline
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The Attentions in Using Trampoline

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Many parents are afraid that their children get injured, so they don’t allow their children to play, but actually, playing trampoline is good for children. The followings are attentions in using trampoline.

1.Notify the staff to change the jumping surface immediately, once you find any danger.

2.Make sure that empty your pockets and your children’s entirely.

3.Wear Non-Slip Trampoline Socks while playing trampoline.

4.Play trampoline under the instructions of a professional coach.

5.Be aware of those around you.

6.Jump with people that are of similar age or size.

7.No sitting or lying on the court.

8.No wet clothes or body paint.

9.No eating while playing.

10.No affecting another jumper's bounce in any way.

11.No touching any perimeter netting or top pads.

12.Follow all playground rules.

In addition, even though there will be a professional coach, parents are supposed to be with their children, especially those under the age of eight. Don’t leave your children alone on a trampoline equipment. Just have fun with your children in their childhood!

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