Are Trampolines Safe for Kids?
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Are Trampolines Safe for Kids?

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You’re concerned because your kids spend a lot of time indoors, playing with their electronic gadgets and phones, so much that eye contact is as rare as a dinner without texting.trampoline-keith-brofsky-56a2c94d5f9b58b7d0ce861c

It’s not like your kids aren’t active. Your son plays basketball with a local sports organization and your daughter takes gymnastics lessons because she wants to be a cheerleader when she’s in junior high. But you’d like to find something that’s not competitive, something without practice times and schedules, something that’s just fun in your own backyard. You want a physical fitness activity that the whole family can enjoy. You think, why not a trampoline? But you have concerns as to whether they are safe for kids.

Are Trampolines Safe for Kids?
What the American Academy of Pediatrics Says

The American Academy of Pediatrics is okay with limited use of trampolines in training programs for gymnastics and diving, as long as there’s adult supervision and strict safety guidelines. But they don’t recommend using a trampoline for fun. You wonder you your child has to be a gymnast or diver to jump on a trampoline, but it looks like trampolines are out.

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