Cable Ties Nylon for Indoor Playground Multi Color Self-locking Type
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Cable Ties Nylon for Indoor Playground Multi Color Self-locking Type

Indoor playground accessories soft protective foam nylon cable ,zip, wire ties
When recalling my carefree days as a young kid, and I will often travel back to the days spent combing through the tunnels of an indoor playground. Sliding down the slides or climbing the ladders, all in a frantic race through the mazes, while getting a few jolts of static electricity along the way. We may not have known it then, but cable ties are used extensively throughout indoor play structures.
Apply to:
operating temperature:
  • Self-Locking
  • MAA.NLC.009.00

Product Description

Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

                             -----We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.

      Did you know that most indoor playground use cable ties for attaching parts, such as padding and netting? In play structures, these ties are often used to secure netting or post padding to steel poles, to have a perfect kids zone, trampoline park, indoor playground, colorful quality cable ties have been a must !

      Nylon Zip Cable Ties can be used for home project, office using, workshop, cable management and more .Don't worry about broken ties anymore, Nylon Zip Cable Ties are strong and flexible a great way to finish all of your projects fast and smooth. 

Product Name
Nylon cable ties
Apply to
Amusement Park ,Kindergarten ,Pre-school ,indoor playground equipment
400*8 mm   or  350*8 mm
100 pcs / bag
operating temperature
-35℃ to 85 ℃
Nylon 66 
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1. Strong and locked well won't open
2. Standard size for multiple uses
3. Adjustable and durable
4. Good abrasion resistant
5. Water proof, flame retardant
6.Insulation, anti-corrosion

Nylon Zip Cable Ties

      Nylon Zip Cable Ties made with industrial high duty strength 6/6 PA material and also with UV resistant function for outdoor and indoor applications We choose the most popular black as the main color which ensure the high cycles between temperatures -35C to 85C . 

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