How to Make Children Concentrate(A)
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How to Make Children Concentrate(A)

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Attention is the basic ability of teenagers to learn and live. Its quality directly affects children's cognitive and intellectual activities. Enhancing children's attention has attracted more and more attention from teachers and parents. Psychologically, "attention" refers to the direction and concentration of psychological activities or consciousness towards certain objects. When a person is studying or working, his psychological activities are always focused on a certain object. For example, when students are in class, they concentrate on listening to the teacher and taking notes. At this time, there are birds flying by outside the window, which will not arouse the students'awareness. In the same age group, there are often two extremes of difference in academic performance in the same class. The reason is that besides learning motivation, learning attitude and learning methods, there is also an important reason that there is a gap in attention between the two groups of students.

Before explaining the important content, the teacher will say to the students some "everybody pays attention" in order to attract everybody's attention. Parents will constantly warn their children that they should be serious and attentive in their studies, and that they should concentrate on their lessons and not be distracted. It can be seen that teachers and parents are very concerned about the hope that children can concentrate in learning, but there are still some children can not concentrate, do not understand what the teacher said, can not correctly complete their homework, and their academic performance is not satisfactory.

So why does a child lose his mind and fail to concentrate? The main reasons may be as follows:

1. Environmental interference.

Some schools are near roads or construction sites, and there is noise outside class time; some parents watch TV, make phone calls or talk with others while their children are studying, but do not pay attention to controlling their voices; some parents often walk around while their children are studying, asking if they are hungry, thirsty, and constantly "hiss, chill and warmth"; Children's study room light is not good, too dark or too bright, tables and chairs are uncomfortable, and so on, these aspects will cause the distraction of children's attention.

2. The influence of physiological factors.

Keeping a high level of attention requires vigorous energy. Some students do not eat breakfast before school, hungry in class, hungry and unable to concentrate themselves; others have too much homework, too late to rest, lack of sleep, lazy in class, drowsy, and unable to concentrate on the lecture; others are physically uncomfortable and unable to concentrate.

3. Not interested in the current task.

Like will make people devoted. If the child is not interested in the current task, it will be difficult for him to devote himself wholeheartedly and maintain a high degree of attention. So it will form a vicious circle. If you don't like it, you can't concentrate. If you don't concentrate, you can't learn well. If you don't learn well, you will dislike it even more.

4. Learning lacks planning.

Some children have no clear idea of what tasks they need to accomplish, how long does it take, lack of clear sense of time, weak sense of time, lack of order and rules, lack of time management ability and self-monitoring ability, so they can not guarantee high concentration, fast and effective completion of tasks.

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