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In addition to these main reasons, there may be other reasons, such as reading difficulties, anxiety, stress, daydreaming, low self-restraint and so on.

Attention level has an important impact on children's learning and even life-long development. Only by finding out the causes of children's inability to concentrate and taking targeted countermeasures can children get out of the dilemma of inefficient learning. If you are upset about this, you may wish to refer to the following suggestions:

Create a quiet and simple environment

People's attention is easily diverted by the stimulation of the surrounding environment. Teachers and parents should try their best to eliminate all kinds of distracting factors and create a quiet and simple learning environment for children. For example, the school classroom layout should not be too complicated and crowded. Children's learning place should be far away from the aisle, to avoid other people's walking back and forth affecting children's learning, children's rooms should not be too fancy, do not let some irrelevant things attract children's eyes. At the same time, parents should pay attention to their behavior and behavior. When children learn, they should not watch TV or turn down their voice. They should not call or chat loudly. When children concentrate on their studies, they should not interfere with them at will. What parents should do is to walk away quietly and give their children free and quiet learning space.

Regular life for children

Let children have regular life is to hope that children can have a healthy body and full spirit. So parents should arrange their children's life and rest, and use adequate nutrition, rest and sleep to ensure their children's attention. When studying, don't let the child eat too much, too full, don't eat too much sugar, drink too much boiled water; urge the child to rest on time every day, don't stay up late, don't sleep late, or according to the child's biological clock to arrange his study and life; guide the child to relax, learn to relax, choose his favorite sports to enhance physical fitness and energy and so on.

Develop children's planned learning

One of the most important purposes of education is to teach children to learn, which requires children to plan their own learning. Lack of self-monitoring and planning is the key to children's inability to maintain their attention. Teachers and parents should consciously guide children to learn how to make learning plans. They can make long, medium and short-term plans according to the time and subject. For example, how many homework a day, what to do first, what to do later, how long it takes each, write out the plan, and then strictly follow the plan to implement, if you feel that the child can not complete on time, then let him modify the plan until he can complete it. With a plan, children can self-manage and self-regulate in the learning process, concentrate their attention, and complete learning tasks efficiently according to the plan.

Do some concentration training

Although the formation of children's attention has a certain relationship with congenital inheritance, the influence of acquired environment and education on attention is more important. If you find that your child's learning efficiency is not high because of his lack of concentration, you can do some concentration training according to some characteristics of his physical and mental development. For example, by doing exercises quickly to train children to concentrate: you can find some oral arithmetic problems, a 50-way article, the provisions of five minutes to complete. If the child finishes on time, give him a small reward - a five-minute break. Or do a little game to exercise your attention: In a table with 25 small squares, scramble the numbers of 1-25 and fill them in. Then, at the fastest speed, count from 1 to 25, point them out while reading, and time them at the same time. Another way is to "look for differences" and present two similar pictures. There are several differences. See if you can find out, this kind of game is very interesting and can exercise children's attention and observation. This kind of "finding differences" is found in some newspapers or magazines, and there are many on the Internet, which is easy to find. In doing these exercises, according to the child's ability, different time requirements should be put forward to him. With the increase of the number of exercises, the time needed is constantly reduced. Through this kind of small game training, I believe that children's attention level will gradually improve.

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