Portable Disinfection Box Household Sterilizer High Temperature UV Disinfection Clothes Drying Box
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Portable Disinfection Box Household Sterilizer High Temperature UV Disinfection Clothes Drying Box

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  • Bettaplay

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Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !
                        -----We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial                                        
                                      playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.
Product Description





These days the virus nightmare become a global concerned problem, besides keep ourselves clean and safe, besides we need prepare virus masks, N95 masks , besides we need to stay home for more, what should we do to prevent virus in the near future when virus is gone , as a playground / FEC OWNER ?

We need to prevent virus and kill any possibility of virus carrier from entering our playground , indoor kids zone , play area, family friendly restaurants , kids cafes, kids club in hotels.

If any of you also concern this virus problem in the near future, also want to build a safe and clean place for our kids and our players, you need to get prepared from now on.

As a 2-playground FEC OWNER , and a mother of 2 kids, Katie pays a lot of attention to how to keep playground safe and clean in our own Playgrounds and also Pokiddo Indoor playground and trampoline parks Franchise 
Katie said : “Nowadays, when you open the trip adviser, you will easily find that keeping your playground clean is a very important point to rank your kids zone on the TOP of your local amusement name lists. So, as a playground, or FEC, or kindergarten, or amusement park owner, you need a plan for keeping your indoor playground clean. Parents like me , cares about the safety and cleanness in playground most.” To avoid the tiny hands from some big messes, please do plan ahead to keep your playground sparkling and inviting all year long!


Know how to clean your play equipment with these tips :


• Wipe Down Surfaces Often. Cleaning indoor playground equipment should be done often so it looks its best. For most coated metal and plastic-feeling material, wiping down with a damp cloth and mild detergent is fine. Soft brushes can be used to get rid of dirt on plastics, to get into crevices and to clean ropes. It’s important to not use paper towels on any surfaces that may scratch (such as domes and windows), and avoid using any abrasive scrubbers unless the instructions for your play equipment specifically say these methods of cleaning are safe. For windows, ammonia free window cleaner is recommended.


• Use a Three-Step Cleaning Process. Start by using soap and water to remove dirt and anything sticky. Next, use non-toxic cleaning products listed as safe for your playground equipment to sanitize and kill germs. Finally, disinfect your play equipment with non-toxic disinfectant to get rid of viruses, fungi and bacteria. You will want to clean and sanitize daily and spot clean a few times a day, especially if your playground sees heavy use. If any bodily fluids end up on play equipment, close the affected play equipment and clean, sanitize and disinfect the entire area to prevent any risk of contagions.


• Read the Manuals. The owner’s manuals and instructions that come with your play equipment have the best information on how to clean the structures, including which detergents and cleaning methods to avoid. These manuals will also give you more details about heavy cleanup jobs.


• Provide Litter Receptacles. It’s much easier to keep your play area clean if there are trash receptacles people can use. Be sure to hang a sign or banner reminding families to use the trash bins and to tidy up. If you make it easier to keep things tidy, you will have less to clean yourself.

• Keep Snack Areas Separate. By creating a separate area for snacking and placing washrooms as well as hand sanitizing stations nearby, you can maintain a food-free play area.


Besides the above points, as owner of 2 Pokiddo Playgrounds in Wenzhou, we opened 22 + Pokiddo Franchise in 2019 within China, and 3 Pokiddo International will be opened soon abroad , Pokiddo always take safety as our first priority , besides TUV safety certification is a MUST for  each Pokiddo  Indoor Playground, we also have tidy and clean system to keep kids and parents and players safe in our playground. You will find Tidy and Clean is a very important point why kids and players and parents prefer Pokiddo Playground.

If you have a chance to visit POKIDDO FEC in China, you will find that , the playground are always clean and tidy, so what our operators did for the playground everyday  ? 

So how to keep your playground clean and tidy, after this virus in 2019 , parents will for sure pay more attention to the Cleanliness and safety of each playground, any one bad case happening in any one of playground will have bad influence in the whole Amusement Industry . 

To help every playground owner and FEC owners and operators to keep our playground more safe and clean, the following points maybe helpful to you and to any public area for kids or for family.

1.Trampoline socks and Change Shoe Area

Wearing Trampoline socks to keep your place tidy and odorless is no longer secret for many playground in the world.




2.Locker for belongings (Fingerprint /Facial Identity electronic storage cabinet) what do you think ?

A unit of lockers for rent or for free will save your time and space for the whole indoor playground, and you know what? You can also print your own logo on the lockers to advertise your playground.

3.Disposable Hand Sanitizer /Disinfection wipes / Running water hand wash with very cute tap before entering the playground

Provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and ensure the children clean their hands before entering and when leaving the playground area can keep the kids safe and clean from germs and disease infection by hands.

To save our environment, we can use the running water hand wash near the entrance of our playground, if it is not convenient, you can also use disposable hand sanitizer or disinfection wipes for kids. We can also do customizes logos on the disposable hand Sanitizer if you want.



4.Forehead Temperature Gun 

Operators we really need to do screen children who want to use our facilities by allowing entry only to healthy children and disinfect the playing equipment every day to keep our playground a really safe and clean place.

Forehead Temperature Gun is one way to help you , to prevent who has high  temperature from entering our playground, whenever customers visited our Pokiddo , they will feel rest assure if you can do this for each person who enters in our playground, for those who was found out with fever parents will also thank you for your care .


Need giant dustbins to keep the waste away .This is a very cute Dust Bin with giant volume, so in Pokiddo FEC and playground, we love it.


6.Wash Ball and Disinfection 2 in One

This is a genius machine of very small package volume and can wash ball very convenient, best choice for those who have giant ball pit.

Price is so friendly.

7.Disinfection Steaming Multifunction Mop

This MOP will be a hit, because it is light and steaming to disinfect and can be a great equipment for both family and public area for cleaning and disinfection at the same time. This Magic Mop with steaming provides an easy, fast, environmentally-safe way to kill Bacteria and Viruses .


8.Hair Stick

we first found this hair stick in our Korean Friends Playground and hotels,  this is really genius to clean the hairs in playground or any public places, if you hate the hairs in your playground, you must have this ,and make the hairs disappear in a minute.

9.E-Turns Tile 

To prevent those guys are not belong to customers from entering our kids zone will certainly make our playground safer and efficient



Finally , hope  this nightmare of  virus can stop as soon as possible,  hope you and your family can keep healthy , best wishes to you and to this world .Together , lets make our playground cleaner and safer, and family and kids can come back and have fun very soon .




Q,what's your payment term ?

T/T, Our normal payment term is 30% as deposit, balance before loading.

 For large order, we accept L/C.

 For trial order about some play parts, we accept western union, paypal or cash.


Q, How can I place order ?

Sign contract-- Pay deposit -- Production-- Pay balance--loading -- delivery


Q, What's your delivery time ?

 It is based on the quantity you order. But normally, our production time is 14 work-days.


Bettaplay Brand story:

Teaching your kids not to give up, to keep trying, and to keep trying new ideas for something that they are truly passionate about achieving is extremely critical. How and where to teach and train your kids with passion, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and grit? -------PLAY!PLAY!PLAY!Play is essential to the development of all kids---Kids need Play!We need to encourage children to explore the world around them and learn fundamental lessons through climbing , sliding ,teamworking, playing, imagination, and adventure.

Who is Bettaplay

Bettaplay---Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial,playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.      

Bettaplay Amusement equipment provide hours of fun and challenge and allows children of all ages to take part in.It is very sturdy and durable, and is very easy to assemble. The item is delivered quickly and in perfect packages that will protect your products very well.We're sure that you will find it as good as advertised.This big attraction can be played by many children and offers an unlimited combination of climbing games and play activities.This adorable toy will also let kids enjoy their imaginations

Choose us ! Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !photobank

Packing details: Customized Packing is also available. the products are always customized, 

so the package and size need to be confirmed before shipping.


Delivery:20-30 days later after we receive your deposit

How to play order

How to place an order.jpg


Q,what's your payment term ?

T/T, Our normal payment term is 30% as deposit, balance before loading.
For large order, we accept L/C.
For trial order about some play parts, we accept western union, paypal or cash.

Q, How can I place order ?

Sign contract-- Pay deposit -- Production-- Pay balance--loading -- delivery

Q, What's your delivery time ?

It is based on the quantity you order. But normally, our production time is 14 work-days.

Q: Do you have the project in our country we can have a check?

A: BETTA have already many successful playground project around the world, contact us freely for the already 

done project case close to your home now. 

Our after-sale service

1.Full Refundif you don't receive your order,You will get a full refund if your order does not arrive within the

 delivery time promised by the seller.

2.Full or Partial Refundif the item is not as describedIf your item is significantly different from the seller’s 

product description, you can A: Return it and get a full refund, or B: Get a partial refund and keep the item.

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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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