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Brand story of trampoline socks

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    Our factory for trampoline socks is located in Datang Town, a sock production base. My name is Zhao, i ‘m the the factory manager of BETTAPLAY trampoline socks branch,from my childhood memories, my parents started to shake the socks machine. Every household in our village is a handmade socks workshop. So from a small ear since 3 years old, I witnessed the changes in socks and the step-by-step upgrade of the equipment for producing socks. Therefore, I have a congenital advantage in socks from an early age, and I know every step of the socks and production needs. With the development of the times, the original backward equipment was slowly eliminated. Originally, one person managed 3-5 sets of equipment. Now it is a fully computerized one-man machine with 16 machines.Now production of the trampoline socks become more easier and efficient ,a faulty machine will automatically alarm and stop, and then display the wrong location, it is very efficient and worry-free. Now our factory equipment is the latest big computer machine. The monthly output reached 7 million-8 million pairs.


    The story of SZ trampoline socks and us started in April 2013, my customer in Fujian province introduced me to an anti-slip socks product, that is the SKYZONE trampoline socks. That was the first time I had contacted a product such as a trampoline socks ,in fact I had previously produced a rubberized socks, but the requirements for the slippery socks were quite different from those of conventional rubber trampoline socks.  As the first person in China to see those trampoline socks. At that time, I used the conventional dispensing requirements to sample and produce this new product. You know trapoline socks is a product that requires strenuous exercise, so at first about 3% of the socks have been degumming. After our continuous trials and research, we finally researched the temperature and the furnace speed and time required for this trampoline socks rubber. To be frankly , we have not known then that this trampoline socks will have a blowout in the next few years.


    In 2015, the demand for trampoline socks in the United States is getting bigger and bigger. In addition to the SZ series, another big brand LAZER KRAZE has also found us to cooperate with us. In 2015-2017, we have placed more than 3 million pairs of non-slip trampoline socks. We find the Sky Zone socks buyers, who focuses on the orange series, puts more energy on the price war and lowers the quality. SZ began to look for factories in China, who is looking for a low price, and you know the price is uneven, many socks The factory simply do not understand the process of the trampoline socks just get the order with their cheaper price, and then led to many lawsuits and wastes socks, in the current domestic spot , you can still see many many SZ trampoline socks are selling online, SZ is the main force of stock socks on stock socks online, and those trampoline socks are all of poor quality.


    The following is the wasted stock SKY Zone socks selling on alibaba shops in China:


    LAZER KRAZE has always been quality-oriented since its inception, the same as Bettaplay.However, the road to the quality trampoline socks is not as smooth as we thought.  LAZER KRAZE is mainly in the dark blue series, while polyester cotton is a color-like yarn. If the dark material is light-colored, the color of the socks material will penetrate into the glue/rubber, which in language of trampoline socks production is “Eat the color”,mass production of the trampoline socks, even caused the orange color of the glue becomes muddy after eating the color of purple socks.


After that lesson, after our repeated scrutiny and research, we learned the reason. Now, dark color socks will not color the glue/rubber color, which is also one of our patents. As for technical issues, it is kept secret.


    Another story , i would like to share you , is that VELOCITY found us at the very beginning of their brand.   There is also another brand that is quite famous. His idea is the same as that of SZ. Another socks which have high-end and low-end just like SKY ZONE SOCKS, which is ALTITUDE.

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    The ALTITUDE socks needs a technique which is also glue color can’t eat the color of the dark color socks. They didn’t find us however, they ordered from Foshan in Guangdong, but we have long been providing the ALTITUDE socks to Foshan factory, and the technical problems in Foshan factory couldn’t pass the standard of ALTITUDE request, and the amount is also very large, finally they found us. After that many of our local socks factories received this trampoline sock directly to find us for production, because our assembly line and professionalism make them feel at ease.


    After that,as the domestic FEC  and amusement parks have sprung up more and more, and we have officially confirmed our main product as anti-slip socks. Up to now, we have developed nearly 800 anti-skid socks products.  We are looking forward to working with Sky Zone again. It was Sky Zone that brought me to the field of this non-slip trampoline socks. For Sky Zone, it can be called the originator of anti-slip trampoline socks in China.

    The delivery time of  a HQ quantity trampoline socks, we can deliver in 35- 40 days after confirmation of the order , because we have an experienced team and a mature and stable assembly line to support you !!!


    We are really looking forward to cooperate with you, also because we now also have our own brand of trampoline parks and POKIDDO Brand, we can support you the SKY ZONE trampoline socks with best price and quality and we are also looking forward to cooperate with you also in trampoline park, florescent trampoline socks, florescent trampoline and indoor playground and other amusement products series, trust this will be a good start between us ! And trust you will love our quality and service.

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