Why our children should go out instead of stay at home ?
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Why our children should go out instead of stay at home ?

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Kids today, don't play outside much anymore. They are watching TV or playing video games. I think that they are losing some great creativity. When kids play outside, they are more creative. Back in the day, kids would come home from school, do homework and go outside to play.

There are several factors that have contributed to the demise of outside play over the years. More Moms working, more TV channels, video games, internet, safety 

More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health and development .

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So our kids need go out !!

What are the benefits if go out? 

1. Learning to play — a great joy of life is the creativity of play, of making up games, stories, roles, of creating with others; imaginations open up when you get outside. Play can also teach sustained attention, required for sustained achievement.

2.Sunlight — light is a drug that resets immunity and biological clocks, improves mood and provides vitamin D; yes, it can cause skin cancer, but that’s what hats, sunscreen and long sleeves and pants are for.

3. Improving immunity — Playing in the dirt teaches the immune system, and farms kids get much less asthma. Handling bugs in childhood is critical to preventing many auto-immune diseases. Your body learns by doing and through experience, just as it does for intellectual activities.

4. Preventing obesity — humans are built to move. We’re walking machines. Hunter gatherer societies walk 12-14 miles a day. Walking can help prevent many disease scourges, and walking after meals is probably a great strategy to control weight.

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5. Getting into nature — Even short periods in the natural world improve mood, and nature has historically provided our ideals of paradise. If we want to preserve our planet rather than cook it, kids need to get outside and watch how things live and grow.

6. Making friends — you can play video games together, but it’s far better to play with others, learning to cooperate and care about them — a large part of what it means to be human.

7. Different senses — you smell, hear and taste inside, but you’ll sense so much more outside, teaching your nervous system while expanding your imagination.

Let's go out with our children now!!

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