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  • Why our children should go out instead of stay at home ?
    More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health and development .
  • How to Entertain Kids When You Are Babysitting (B)
    How to Entertain Kids When You Are BabysittingKeeping kids entertained when you’re babysitting isn’t always easy. Fortunately, between playing games, making arts and crafts, and going outside, there are plenty of activities you can do to keep the kids you're babysitting entertained and happy.In a Hu
  • 15 Ways to Keep Kids Busy on Rainy Days
    It’s that time of year where we have a lot of rain in our forecast. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas to keep little ones busy, so today I am sharing 15 ways to keep kids busy on rainy days. Or you really could use these ideas any time you need something different to keep kids busy!1. M
  • How to Provide a Safe Environment at Preschool
    1,Hire ample, qualified staff members. You should have enough employees to supervise all of the children in your preschool, and to ensure that all of the areas in the preschool where children congregate are monitored at all times by staff members. Additionally, you should require that your staff is
  • 60 Ways to Keep Little Kids Happy (B)
    60 Ways to Keep Little Kids Happy (B)
  • 60 Ways to Keep Little Kids Happy (A)
    The dangers of indoor play areas Children’s indoor play structures - such as those areas containing tubes, tunnels, slides, climbing ropes and webs, as well as inflatables and trampolines - have become modern day conveniences.They're found in fast-food restaurants and pay-for-play establishments in
  • How children learn through play
    Young children are learning and developing quickly. They are playing, learning and experimenting. They are also beginning to get a sense of their own identity and how they may be different from others, such as noticing boys and girls. Some children benefit from being at a nursery or playgroup at thi
  • How to have fun in a rainy day for kids
    Rainy Day Fun Activities For KidsAnd so it's raining outside and the kids are inside driving you crazy. And there are plenty of fun, free activities for kids that can help you create rainy day fun so that you don't lose your marbles. When your kids are tired of watching cartoons and making messes, y
  • How to do a good parent (1) ?
    It can be a relief for busy parents that school-age kids are more and more focused on the peer group. But on the other hand, if you spend the day apart, it's easy for your worlds to become increasingly disconnected. You may not be able to see it yet, but your influence is already starting to wane, a
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